Sunday, April 08, 2018

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

I Scream!!!

Now this is a recipe that you want to have the best possible chocolate you can afford. It demands (for your best interests of course) you use the best chocolate out there. You will thank the chocolate gods and perhaps give  yourself a little pat on the back, once you've had a taste. (spoiler: it's Frickin' good!) 🙌

A super simple recipe, broken down over a two day span. The first day just making the chocolate and cream/egg mixture. This mixture then needs to cool down overnight in the fridge. 

The next day the mixture just gets whisked up in the kitchenaid until it is all thick and frothy. And then it is put into the ice cream maker. My ice cream maker is one that attaches to my kitchenaid. (the bowl just needs to spend a night in the freezer) 

I like the two day process, as I do need to put my ice cream bowl in the freezer to chill. (since I don't leave it in there all the time) So it really works out for me. Plus it is something I can put together in the evening, and finish the next morning. I appreciate recipes that can be broken down and don't need to be completed in a day (as a full day in the kitchen). The recipe is here.

Of course the best part of this recipe, is the actual ice cream itself. And oh my word, it is insanely good!!! I've been disappointed by chocolate ice cream before. You know the ones I'm talking about. Those ice cream containers that look like chocolate ice cream and then let you down with lackluster chocolate flavour. <sigh> 

But this ice cream. This one, is all about chocolate. You want Chocolate??!! You can't handle Chocolate!!
I can.
Just give me the bowl.
And a spoon.
And back away.


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