Sunday, March 25, 2018

Baked Bars

Magic Bars get Baked

I think everyone has made a version of these bars at some point in her/his life to take to a bake sale or potluck. I knew them by the name, Magic Bars. 

In my version, I don't remember there being butterscotch chips though. And I think that might be the only thing I would change in this recipe. It isn't that I dislike the butterscotch chips, it's just that I don't really like them. 😖 Butterscotch chips are just so pushy and tend to take over in the flavour profile. And the smell...sorry aroma. (that just might be my migraines/nausea talking) I did find the smell of the fake butterscotch decreased the next day and putting the bars in the fridge helped too.

The next time I make these, I think I will omit the butterscotch chips and instead, use the Valrhona Dulcey chocolate (which has a lovely caramel flavour). I was actually going to use the Dulcey chocolate this time, but when I was buying the coconut, I saw the butterscotch chips (and darn it if I didn't buy them). 😑

These are a great bar to make for a crowd. Simple, fast, easy and I think most people (unless they have nut allergies or an aversion to butterscotch chips) would enjoy these bar too.
For the recipe, head over to Baked Sunday Morning

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