Sunday, January 04, 2015

Hair of the Dog Cake

Triple Shot

If ye be feeling rough, get thee into the kitchen and make this cake.  Yarr!  Hair of the Dog cake.  Interesting.  In the book, the Baked boys say this cake is also known as Rum Flavoured Hot Milk Cake with Broiled Rum Brown Sugar Frosting.  They had me at the first 'rum'.  I think the former, rather than the latter is an easier name.  But the latter name makes me want to make this cake right now.  I mean right freakin' now!  There's rum in it!!!  Rum!  Rum!  Redrum!  No, none of that...only rum.

So when I saw that the next recipe was a cake, I panicked a smidge.  For me, a Baked cake means layers and well, I still get anxious making layer cakes.  But wait, this cake is only one layer.  Panic receding....