Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wintermint Cake

Merry Cake-mis


This cake was not a miss at all!  Wow!  Such a beauty.  In the book Baked Occasions it looks stunning (shown here), all in shades of pink.  
Pic from Baked Occasions

I would dare say it looks too beautiful to eat.  But come on!  It's a cake!  And a Baked cake at that?  So it's going to be good!  And it would be terribly rude to not have a piece.  Do NOT embarrass me in front of company!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Date Squares

Square Dates

I have eaten many a date square, as they seem to be what every grandma/aunt/mother made in my youth.  But I have never made date squares.  And that folks is as interesting as this post is going to be.  Hit the snooze button as often as needed, to get through this.  Just be comforted in the fact, that it does come to an end (one assumes).

This is a super easy recipe.  Perhaps that is why these squares are made so often for bake sales.  Also, it is an inexpensive dessert to make.  And chances are, you have all the ingredients needed for this recipe in your pantry, apart from the dates.