Sunday, October 26, 2014

S'more Style Chocolate Whiskey Pudding

S'more please

I wasn't sure if I'd have time to make this recipe (our last recipe from Baked Elements).  But I pulled up my big girl pants and got in the kitchen.  Luckily this is another easy recipe.  I don't make pudding very much so hopefully it turns out!  Of course seeing Mark's instagram pic of his finished pudding product got me in the mood.  Yeah, I'm totally in a pudding mood.  It's a mood people!  My mood ring often turns to pudding.  What?  Why would I lie about something as sacred as my mood ring?


Pudding is such a comfort food.  Or a food enjoyed by a child.  But I'm an adult now.  Now I gotta eat yogurt for all the good bacteria.  Damn kids and their yummy puddings!  Well today I am taking back pudding!  And I'm putting whiskey in it!  Oh yes, there will be whiskey in it.

Oh and I bought some new glass dishes specifically for this yeah, I guess I'm making this.  Oh yeah, this pudding is gettin' done! 
And look how lovely these new dishes are.  I can picture the pudding in them already.

First, lets smash up some graham crackers and other things like sugar and spice.

The graham crumbs get baked and toasty.  Jealous?

Time for the pudding portion of this recipe.

Whisk, whisk, stir, stir, boil and bubble...tis how ye make a witches brew.  No.  Just pudding.  We're just making pudding.  Alakazam the brew tis thick like pudding.  Umm...that's because it is pudding.

At this point, you will want to get a large spoon and start eating the pudding right from the pot.  Seriously!  Of course you will refrain, as you know that is not proper kitchen etiquette.  Blah, blah, blah...get the damn spoon!!

Okay, before there isn't any pudding left, let's get it into the pudding cups. 

First layer is pudding.

Second layer is the graham cracker crumbs.  Crumbs rhymes with yums.  Yums for the crumbs.  Pretty sure yums is a word, otherwise I wouldn't be able to make it rhyme with another word.  (It's science, people.)

And final layer is another layer of pudding. And yes, there was enough pudding left!  I've learned self-restraint, people!  (Once you learn your knots, there's nothing to it. Whaaaat?) 


<ahem>  Final layer.  A thing of beauty it is.  The dish shape is reminiscent of me in stilettos.  Kidding...I don't wear stilettos.  I'm a conventional gal, I wear pumps. 

These pudding cups go in the fridge for a few hours.  Or if they are my cups, stay in the fridge overnight.  My cups are super chill and super fly!  But mostly just chilled.

The final, final layer.  Not to be confused with the final layer (above), is a layer of sticky marshmallow goodness.  It is now all off of the camera.  (Don't tell least not before he goes out and buys me a new torch to burn this house down!)  Wait, I'm being told the torch is just being used to light this, no, all we're going to do is toast the marshmallow layer.  Huh.  Not gonna lie...I'm a little miffed.  I was sure there was some good torching gonna take place.  I guess I shouldn't have booked the 'Talking Heads'.  Sorry fire songs today.

Marshmallow goodness in a bowl.  Did I mention it's sticky?  So sticky.  Argh!

Marshmallow layer is getting applied.

Here is the lovely finished product.  And there was much rejoicing....and ooohing and aaaahing.  Good lord this is good pudding!  I don't taste any whiskey, but that's okay.  This is truly a rich dessert, worthy of any special occasion.  Pudding has grown up and is ready to sit at the adult table.  Squeeze over and make room!

I can't believe this is the last recipe, from Baked Elements.  What a great way to end it all (the book that is).
Head over to Baked Sunday Mornings, to see how the rest of the Baked Gang liked this pudding and to get the recipe ('cause hon, you will want to make this pudding.)


  1. Beautiful puddings! Yes, this was the perfect way to finish out Baked Elements-- couldn't have asked for a more decadent and elegant dessert. :)

  2. I love your little bowls! So pretty.

    This pudding is healthy. It has antioxidants from the chocolate and protein and calcium from the milk. I should eat more.

  3. Looks amazing! I will definitely be making this at some point... YUMS.

  4. LOOOVE your dishes and your toasted marshmallow squirrels!! I mean, swirls! :)

  5. Yay! What a fun gande finale! Your marshmallow topping puts mine to shame! So looking forward to our next adventure! Have a great week!