Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Roll it, Slice it, Bake it

Roll with it, baby.  Unless you're a pumpkin and then we bake with it, baby.  Yes, Baked loves Pumpkin.  And so do I.  Not sure about pumpkin in cinnamon rolls though. But far be it from me to doubt my Baked Boys.  I'm pretty sure they are cool with me calling them that now.  We have a connection me and my Baked Boys.  Well...I met them...and it was magical...okay, it was a book launch and a new bakeshop opening for them.  Yes, I'm a foodie geek.  And I met up with some of my pals from Baked Sunday Mornings to celebrate the new book, Baked Occasions, and the opening of Baked Tribeca (the Baked Boys 2nd bakeshop).  This was another amazing bit of New York City that I got to experience.  I will be sharing that in another post.

Baked Occasions-the 4th Baked cookbook!

 So we (the Baked Sunday Mornings gang), are pretty darn excited to get started on this new book.  The Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls are the 2nd last recipe from Baked Elements, before we get going on the new book.

I thought this recipe was pretty simple and fast to pull together.  It uses fast acting yeast, rather than the traditional yeast.


I don't often make things with this kind of yeast.  So I needed to make sure the yeast was still active.  Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.  No trouble at all...actually just active yeast.  We're good to roll.

 The dough is made with bread flour.  I had an oh-oh moment when I read that.  And then a whew moment when I had just enough flour (with a 1/2 cup buffer).  Whew indeed.

Also in the dough is the pumpkin puree and yummy spices...including cardamom.  I loves me some cardamom. These pods need to be opened up to reveal the seeds.  The seeds then need to be ground up.  At this point, I feel it is only right to announce, that I need a coffee grinder (dedicated to spices).  <cough in hubbie's general direction>
These seeds are hard to mortar and pestle into suitable groundiness. (my spell check is telling me that is NOT a word...whateves!)

Brown sugar and more spice is needed for the sweet, sweet filling.  Oh and some melted butter (and other stuff).

Butter makes everything better.  Or should I say Buttah!  Boo-yah!
Yep, my new buttah dish...from my trip to NYC.
I went to Fishs Eddy.  The coolest store (for those that love dishes and glassware and flatware and all the other lovely stuff ya need for a pretty table setting).  And some silly stuff ya just need. (This buddah dish for one.)



and roll.

Time to cut.

 After a little brushing of butter, these rolls are ready to rock.

Baked and ready to be glazed.  These are looking good. 

I may have gone a little Jackson Pollock with the glaze.  Seems to be my thing when it comes to glaze.

A little coffee, a little is better Baked my friends.

 Head over to Baked Sunday Mornings for the recipe and to see how everyone else liked these Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.


  1. Great meeting you in NYC, Sandra!
    Your cinnamon rolls look terrific -- like "buttah"! My glaze started out looking like a Jackson Pollock as well, but then I decided to hell with it and I just spread over all of the glaze to cover the entire top of the rolls.
    How is it that I've never been to Fishs Eddy?! I'm definitely putting it on the list for my next trip to New York!

  2. These look great, Sandra! Thanks for all the supportive & wonderful comments you leave on my blog. I SO wish I could have been in NYC with you all!

  3. I also wish I could have been in New York with everyone! Your dough seemed to come out much sturdier than mine. It was so soft that I had to add more flour to enable me to roll it out.

  4. Gorgeous-- I love your spirals and glaze! Wasn't this a fantastic recipe?? I might have to make them for Thanksgiving Day breakfast... Anyway, it was wonderful to meet you in NYC-- and I too will have to add Fishs Eddy to my shopping list for next time. ;-)

  5. By the way, I bought a little NY-themed dish at the 9/11 Museum gift shop, and it was made by Fishs Eddy. It's probably best that I didn't visit their shop; I just looked on the website, and they have a huge collection of cake stands-- I would've wanted to take them all home with meeeeeee....

    1. My carry on was all dishes from Fishs Eddy! (heavy) I loved the store. So great for us bloggers looking for cool things to use in our posts. I can't wait to go back.

  6. 3 weeks later I'm still sneaking peaks at my NYC pics and smiling fondly - so glad we were able to have that experience! Love your rolls look awesome - raw and baked. I want to put that glaze on EVERYTHING. ;) Love the buttah dish - I went to the Fishs Eddy website last week for the first time and OMG - it's already on my NYC list for next year. :)