Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chocolate Mayonnaise Cupcakes

Got Mayo?

A cupcake made with mayonnaise?  "Eww", I heard a voice in my head say.  Um excuse me?  What are the main components of mayonnaise?  Eggs and oil.  Why?  Well, those two things are generally the basis of cupcakes and cakes.  So there!  Sheesh, a little defensive about baking?  I know you are, but what am I?  'Nuff said. 

Now before we get to the recipe, let me just say I LOVE NYC!  Yeah, I was just in NYC.  No biggie.  Just my first time EVER going to NYC!  I don't wanna blow this out of proportion or anything...or exaggerate...but it was TOTES AMAZEBALLS!!

And I am TOTES DEPRESSED that I had to leave NYC.  (I think she liked it.)  Good Grief, Charlie Brown why did we leave?  Well, other than the fact that we couldn't afford to live there, we couldn't afford to live there.  Two good reasons.  You win this one, Chuck.

There were so many great things about this trip.  (Big and small.)  You know when you've wanted something for so long and when you finally got it, you were a little disappointed.  Yeah, we've all experienced that.  But this long awaited dream did NOT disappoint.  NYC lived up to all my expectations.  And I can't wait to go back.  A new blender wouldn't be a disappointment to me either (just sayin').  What?

Maybe I should concentrate on the recipe at hand.  Everyone loves a cupcake.  Unless said cupcake is heavy, dense and flavourless.  No pressure.  And no, I didn't go to any cupcake shops while I was in New York.  But I did eat a yummy chocolate one with salted caramel frosting at Baked Tribeca's opening/book launch.  Yep.  I will talk more about that later.

Just need to put on my new apron.  How pretty is this!  (Thanks Steph & Drew!)

This is an easy peasy recipe.  Which is a good thing this weekend.  I'm still feeling tired from our quick trip to New York.  And it is thanksgiving weekend for us Canadians.  We were on the fence about doing a Thanksgiving feast, as it is just the two of us.  But we caved, and bought a whole turkey breast (rather than a whole turkey).  So it will just be a small feast for two.  :)

Back to the cupcakes.  The cocoa powder and dark chocolate get all melty and heavenly with boiling water.  I'm pretty sure I could just drink this.  But I resisted.

Picked out some pretty cupcake liners.  Please excuse all the borders around my pictures.  I'm tired and once you start with Pixlr, ya can't stop.  Borders are just like Pringles...once you pop you can't stop!  Please send help.

Mayo has been measured.

Okay, I am going to step away from Pixlr...

I will mix the rest of the batter by hand, as I don't want the batter to be over mixed.  Who wants to lick the beater??!!

This recipe makes 24 cupcakes.  (which was right on target)

 These need to bake for about 20 minutes.

And then cool these babies down before frosting.  But of course it is imperative to try a cupcake before the frosting goes on.  Granted it doesn't say that in the recipe, but I'm pretty sure that was just an oversight on the Baked Boys part.  More on those Baked Boys later.  (Spoiler:  They're awesome!)

Let's get to some chocolate melting!  I know what you're all thinking.  I too wish there was a border around the chocolate.  And done!

Butter + Sugar + Chocolate = Frosting (oh and a smidge of vanilla for a kick)

Time to frost these puppies!  (Please note - no puppies were frosted in the making of these cupcakes.)

What these cupcakes need, is a pretty little thing to display them on.  (Steph & Drew to the rescue!)

 These are yum yum good.  Words are funny.  I'm tired.  And it's later and I haven't shared my NYC trip yet.  Guess I'll do that in another post.  I think I just need time to savour it...much like savouring a yum yum good cupcake. 

 Thank you New York City and my Baked Boys for making this trip so awesome.  And thank you to my Hubbie...for being my hubbie and sharing this with me and being the best travel buddy ever.

You complete me....

Sorry, was just having a heart to heart with my cupcake.



  1. I have a chocolate mayo cake recipe that was a huge disappointment. I will have to give yours a try.

    And, I had EXACTLY the reaction you did when I first thought about mayonnaise in a cake "eww, oh wait.."

  2. I'm so happy that you loved your first trip to NYC so much! It was just such a magical experience! I made these cupcakes on Thursday night and brought them to work for a pre-Thanksgiving treat on Friday. Everyone loved them...but I didn't tell them that MAYO was the secret ingredient ;)

  3. They look great! Don't you just love those cupcake liners? And I LOVE that cupcake stand!!

  4. Love the sprinkles. And so great to meet you both last week! Glad you had a great time.

    I'm surprised at how many people avoid mayo. I just saw results from a lunch survey at work (we're provided with box lunches) - mayo was the number one avoided ingredient.

  5. Your blog always makes me laugh-you have a great sense of humor.

  6. I am so enjoying reading everyone's posts about loving NYC - I feel so lucky we were all able to meet and share that amazing experience! It was my 3rd time in NYC in 18 months and it gets harder to leave each time. Sigh. Super cute sprinkley cupcakes - adds a nice color to the drowned out choc/choc combo. :)