Sunday, March 02, 2014

Banana in a Blanket-Rogue Style

 Coffee Talk

Psst.  Wanna go for a ride?  Where we goin'?  We're going back, way the waybac machine.

Yes, I'm going rogue this week.  Instead of making Banana in a Blanket, I've decided to make something else.  I made a rolled cake here not so long ago.  And as much as I enjoy saying 'Banana in a Blanket' (which I do, a lot), I'm still going rogue.  Mash up in my head, The Police song, 'Message in a Bottle' with the words, Banana in a Blanket.  
'I hope that someone gets my...I hope that someone gets my...Banana in a Blanket'. 
 You're welcome (and now I won't be the only one with this stuck in my head).  Can you believe it, I've got the perfect song for the post, and I'm still going rogue.  The devil you say!

Welcome to the Rogue side.  Here we do things differently.  We throw convention out the window and do what we want, when we want!  (Within reason of course...let's not go crazy.)  I remember the days when going rogue caused me much consternation and I'd end up baking the scheduled recipe along with the rogue recipe, like here.  Oh the innocence.  At this point in the dialogue, I am imagining myself in one of those bouncy cars (no, not bouncy one should see that), you know the cars that bounce. You may know them as lowriders...but all us rogue kids call them bouncy cars.  Oh, I should also mention that in my imagination I have mad max'd the car up.  It is covered in spatulas, whisks and wooden spoons.  She will whisk you up! (Is what everyone says when I drive by.)  I only drive in my imagination (true story).

Okay, so today I am going way back to 2011, when the gang made the New York-Style Crumb cake.  It is kind of like a coffee cake...but not.  I only say this, because it is what is written in the cookbook (all hail Matt and Renato).  That is all.

I honestly don't know if I've ever had a crumb cake or a coffee cake.  Coffee talk I'm familiar with; coffee cake not so much.  I know, it saddens me too.  Oh, now I am feeling verklempt for my misfortune at never having a coffee amongst yourselves.


As I am going rogue today, perhaps I should cut to the chase and just show off my cake without a whole production.  (So the previous ramblings were?)  Oh shush...I was just gearing up to the finale.  A little flourish...a little icing crumb on the cake.  Who said 'windbag'?  I want names!!

  The cake is, in a word (oh now she's limiting herself to one word), delicious. 

True dat!
The cake is super moist and delicious.  And the crumbs on top are a whole lot of sugary goodness.  Just perfect for the diabetic in your life. (Noooooo, not really.)  But it is perfect.  If you'd like to give it a try, you can get the recipe here.  And to see how everyone else did with the Banana in a Blanket, go here

#I think I need another cup of therapy


  1. Love it! This is probably my favorite cake ever!

  2. One of my faves too! Nice job!

  3. As a native New Yorker, there is not many cakes better to me. I have made one once and it turned out so HARD that my neighbor still teases me to this day if he needs to bring a chain saw for my cake! Ugh, and I used a Williams Sonoma mix! I found a place called Hahn's here, that actually sells a bucket of crumbs, kid you not, as while it is pricey, they are fabulous for snacks! Thanks for sharing this link, I will give it a shot.

  4. Oh, I love the ginormous boulders of crumbs on top of your cake -- looks scrumptious!!

  5. Your cake sounds gorgeous!!!
    I never made it, I have to give a try to this recipe!!!!
    I'm rogue too, I passed this recipe this Sunday...

  6. I loved that "Coffee Talk" SNL skit!

  7. I have been thinking about making this cake again ever since the first time - it is so delicious! (And might I say far more appealing than the banana thing?) Looking forward to the Creme Brulee!