Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TWD-Onion Bialys

Bread and Mummy

Today's recipe is Onion Bialys.  Yeah, I had no idea what it was either.  Apparently a bialys is like a bagel.  The main difference though, is that the bialys is just baked (no boiling involved).  Guess I should have made bagels as well, to really see the difference.  But that would involve me being brave enough to try to make bagels.  (I missed making bagels last year.)

The beginning of the recipe starts here. (Not gonna lie, that sentence was/is lame.)  Oh sure, I could just remove the sentence, but I don't want me to feel insecure about my writing.
So, this is the beginning.

Onions get chopped. 

How many loved your moments of glad grace, and loved your beauty with love false or true,
Sorry, my yeast got all Yeatsy, when it should have been getting yeasty.
Mummy is not amused.  I think the Yeats worked on the yeast, it is looking nice and foamy.

Onions are softening.

The recipe calls for bread flour.  I was pretty sure I didn't have any...the pantry has made a liar out of me.  The pantry is in a time out right now.

A sponge needs to be made for this recipe.  The yeast and flour and maybe something else gets blended together.  (The memory is the first thing to go...though I'm pretty sure something else left too...I just can't remember.)

Sponge needs to sit now for a little while or a long while...depending on how long an hour and a bit feels to you.  Is it weird that I just said 'Sponge' and not 'the sponge'?    It seems weird, now that I continue to re-read that sentence.  Oh sure, I could just add 'the' to the sentence, but I don't want Sponge to feel uncomfortable.
So, an hour or so to sit huh?

Tom Petty says the waiting is the hardest part.  It really wasn't that bad. (And I thought I was a drama queen!)

I had to chop more onions for the rest of the recipe.  Not sure why the instructions break this up.  If  you'll recall from the beginning of this recipe, I needed to chop and cook onions.  This time I broke out the food processor. 

Onions were cooked down and poppy seeds added.

The sponge has done exactly what it should do. It got spongy.  So spongy in fact, that it filled the bowl. Awesome!  Awesome!  Awesome!  I think I will forever be amazed at the power of yeast.
Now this sponge needs some flour and some kneading.

This got my kitchen aid all hot and bothered.  Dancing was also on the menu...my kitchen aid tangoed right across the counter!

Kneading is done.  Now I just gotta get all that dough off the hook. 

And a little more kneading...


Knead some time to let this rise.  What Mummy?  That was clever!

Whoa!  And wow! (She said, an hour and a half later.)








These were good.  The dough baked up so nice.  Chewy crust and a soft interior. Mmm bread.

Recipe for the Onion Bialys can be found here.  And Deb  from Smitten Kitchen made bialys a few years back, here.


  1. Well done Sandra!! Your bialys look wonderful!!!!
    I enjoyed them too, lightly toasted with butter.... a delight!!!!

  2. Your post made me smile :-)
    Beautifully done.

  3. Your posts are always a joy to read - love the different spatulas you have. :) Your bialys look great. We enjoyed these as well. They really are good toasted!

  4. Nice inner/ outer dialogue coming through your post- love it. Your bialys look quite perfect.

  5. Yours turned out great!