Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

How is it possible that another new year has arrived?  Where did last year go?  I've done a lot of blogging over the past year.  Looking back, I can't believe all the baking adventures I've shared in my blog.  I know I wouldn't have tried even a third of them, if it wasn't for Baked Sunday Mornings and Tuesdays with Dorie.  I'm so thankful that I found these two groups to bake along with and share our hits and misses in our baking adventures.

Looking back over the year, I am surprised at what I have baked.  I know I did them all, because this is my blog after all.  But it is still surprising to me, that I had the courage to try so many new recipes.  Not everything I tried turned out this past year.  And some things turned out better than expected.  But no matter the outcome, I truly enjoyed each adventure.  And I have learned so much from the other bloggers in the two groups. 

I think my most shocking/surprising discovery of the past year, was that I could actually make Croissants.  Crazy stuff!  I would NEVER have tried this, if it wasn't for Tuesdays with Dorie.  The croissants didn't turn out the first time I tried making I (crazily) tried making them again, and this time with better results. 

Another surprising discovery this past year, was learning that brownies and chocolate chip cookies combined equals a Brookster.  I baked these back in June and fell in love, a little bit more, with the Baked Boys. (recipe here)

I've had some fun this past year going rogue as well.  Some days I liked to go off the board and pick a recipe that wasn't on the baking schedule.  Sometimes, going rogue can be Totes Amazeballs.

I am looking forward to the new year.  2014.  Who knows what baking adventures I will get up to this year.  It has been so much fun sharing my adventures with everyone.  Thank you to all who read my little blog.  And thanks to the Hubbie who has been my taste tester, editor, helper and most of all my Honeybunny.  


  1. OMG - brownies with chocolate chip cookies together? I can feel my arteries hardening (and my mouth watering) as I type. Here's to a fabulous 2014 starting with a strong NaBloPoMo January!

  2. You made CROISSANTS??? What an accomplishment!!! It makes me want to try them too.

    Popping over from NaBLoPoMo to say Hi


  3. Wow!! They are my favorite treat (made some for breakfast yesterday) but mine were NOT homemade. I didn't have luck when I did so I get them from a mail source frozen. I have her cookbook, I have to look into trying these! I am intrigued by the Baked treats. Looks delicious!

  4. Oh, these treats look fantastic. Yum!