Sunday, December 08, 2013

Velvet Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Olive Oil and Fleur de Sel

First you get the fluff...then you get the fudge

I've never made fudge before; and I'm a little anxious about it.  I'm not a huge fan of fudge as it just seems like a sugar packed candy.  Give me a cookie any day.  But I am going to try this recipe.  Hold on, just re-read the recipe....I have to make my own marshmallow cream?!  Gulp.  That involves a candy thermometer (as does this fudge)...which never seems to end well for me.  But I do have a new candy thermometer and I believe it will help to keep things 'non burnt'. (Fingers crossed as extra precaution...toes on standby.)

Now before I get started, can I just say I'm a bit flabbergasted that we are already 8 days into December!  How in the holy name of fudge did that happen??!!  Where is that damn pause button when you need it! (Sorry, Santa....I meant darn.) 
Granted, if I did find that remote, I wouldn't know how to use it and with my luck would hit the fast forward button!  I swear I had visions of being all Martha Stewarty this month.  Now my visions are filled with Martha Stewart types running around in a panic and screaming.  You don't want to know what they're screaming....suffice it to say it isn't PG.  I think some of them got into the peppermint schnapps! 

But first, let's make some marshmallow cream...otherwise known as fluff.  I have to make it, because I don't have any fluff in the cupboard.  Don't cry for me.  I will overcome this tragedy and become stronger someone who has fluffed I mean fluff.

Ingredients for the marshmallow cream: egg whites, corn syrup, sugar, cream of tartar, vanilla and salt.  (and some water)

The egg whites get whisked.

Next, the sugar, corn syrup and water are stirred together in a saucepan and then the heat is turned up and the candy thermometer comes out to play.

The heat is on!  (No Glenn Frey, that is not your cue to start singing.)  No.

 Just have to let this mixture boil until it heats up to a hot 248 degrees.

So now this extra hot sugar mixture needs to be slowly poured into the Kitchenaid (while it is running) and mixed in with the egg whites.  This never goes well.  I always end up with sugar stuck to the sides of the bowl.  Charlie Brown never had it this bad.  Never!  Okay, you can't see the sugar stuck to the sides, but it's taunts me. 

And here is my all its fluffy sticky beauty.

Next day, I got down to the business of making some fudge.  So yes, here come the fudge.

Ingredients.  Check.

All this stuff needs to get melted.  Sugars, butter, evaporated milk, marshmallow cream and salt.

And now comes the scary bit.  Once this all dissolves, it needs to boil until it reaches 230 degrees.  Also known as the 'Danger Zone'.

Double, double toil and trouble.  Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.  What?  I like to bring a little drama to the kitchen.  (Preferably drama that doesn't end in me being burned by boiling sugar.)

After it has reached the proper temperature, it is removed from the heat and the chocolate gets melted in. 

And finally, the walnuts and vanilla get stirred into the mix.
Arm of steel is needed to stir this now. (Not my arm.)

Fudge.  Minus the eye of newt and toe of frog.  Surprisingly, few recipes call for those two ingredients...good thing they don't have an expiry date.

 I have scored the pan of fudge to the best of my abilities.  X does indeed mark the spot (that I had troubles making x's). 

The Hubbie has decreed that this fudge indeed be good.  I have had a taste and it isn't too bad.  I don't hate it.  It is tasty in fact.  I enjoy the hit of olive oil and salt, as it cuts the sweetness of all that sugar.  I do believe it would make a lovely gift.  And 'twas little toil and even less trouble.


  1. Nice job, Sandra! I'm glad everyone liked it, despite your distaste for fudge! I am completely perplexed by this one. Mine was a total disaster TWICE, and I have no idea what I did wrong. (Didn't even post it, as I have no fudge.) Anyway, it looks great and your scoring job is perfect! :)

  2. P.S. To avoid half your sugar syrup getting flung onto the sides of the mixer bowl, pour it very slowly right down the side of the bowl, rather than pouring it more into the middle. This way, it slides down to the bottom and doesn't get picked up by the beating whisk-- it will get more fully incorporated with your eggs. :)

    1. I tried it that way the last time I made marshmallows and I ended up with a solid streak of hardened sugar down the side of the bowl! I can't win with sugar. Argh! :oO

  3. Wow - your marshmallow fluff looks amazing! I will definitely have to make this one up - based upon all the positive reviews, I think I'll add it to my Christmas baking list.