Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine bars

Breakfast is Served?


Well now that we have changed the clocks, there is sunshine in the mornings again!  And that is good!  But I know it will go away in a few weeks…and we’ll be back in the dark again. (At least for our morning commute.)  Sigh.  But we’ll enjoy it while we can.  (And not think about the impending winter weather...that is right around the corner.)  Eeek!  Guess I should mention, that it snowed this weekend.  What the flurry???

So, it was a perfect time to start putting up a couple of Christmas decorations around the house.  Just a few.  I will ease into it I think.  Of course my welcome mat outside the door is good to has snowmen on it and yes, it has been there since last winter.  What?  I like the snowmen!  And because someone (who shall remain nameless) commented on it and that further reinforced my need to leave it out.   Hmpf!  Oh, and it will be our doormat when we live in the home!  That's right, missy!

Anyhoo, this recipe looks nice...and easy.  (And if you're me and say nice....and easy, you think Tina Turner...Proud Mary)  So now there will be a short musical interlude.    
 Sometimes, these nice and easy recipes are just what is needed.  I just finished making pumpernickel bread(here) and I could use a nice quick recipe.  Not that the pumpernickel was extremely difficult.  It isn’t like making croissants

Seriously, this is one easy recipe.  I think it has rice krispie squares beat.  (In the ease of making department.)  Sometimes, stirring the rice krispies into the melted marshmallows can be hard to do.  (Even I judged me, with that last sentence.) 

Ingredients are ready to go. 

Chopped peanuts and cereal get mixed together.  (Hard work.)

Next, the brown sugar and corn syrup get melted and left to boil for a full minute.  (So time consuming.)

After that, the peanut butter, vanilla and salt get stirred into the hot mixture. (Stirring is so labour intensive.)  I love the smell of peanut butter and corn syrup in the morning.

The hard work isn't over yet.  Now the hot melty mixture needs to be stirred into the cereal/peanut mix. (Honestly, will the hard work never end?)

 It's too easy.  Surely there must be some risk of failure...some danger.

Almost done.  Just need to press this combined mixture into the pan.
Warning:  mixture hot.  Ouch!

Danger Zone!

Melted milk chocolate has been piped over the top.  And yes, I have gone 'over the top' in a zigzag pattern. 
Went all Jackson Pollock!!

Now to cut some into squares and dig in.

You got cereal in my peanut butter/chocolate mix!  You got peanut butter/chocolate mix in my cereal!
One would almost believe this isn't a breakfast bar....
But it has cereal in it, so it must be okay to have for breakfast.  Right?  Oh and it has 'good morning' right in the name! screams breakfast!  Just like Rice Krispie Squares and Oatmeal Cookies. 
Good morning, breakfast!


Oops I did it again....seriously, I made the recipe again...but with a couple of changes.
I was inspired by Linda who used Candy corn. 
And Sheri who used Caramelia instead of milk chocolate.

I think these ones are even better.  The Candy Corn and Caramelia chocolate really make it better.

Head on over to Baked Sunday Morning and get inspired!


  1. Just visiting from NaBloPoMo. That looks amazing; I will definitely be trying this! Hopefully I be able to have a couple of pieces with two teenagers in the place :)

  2. Your yellow peanut butter measuring cup is the one my mom had growing up. :)

    I too have some of my Christmas decorations out. I can't help it. They just make me so happy!

  3. This looks delicious! And I has cereal in it...what more does it need to be a breakfast bar? Will definitely have to make these :)

    My decorations are all packed away. Won't get to decorate until next year :(

    And how awesome is Tina's dress?? Great musical interlude!

  4. Forgot to it possible to get measurements? Thank you!

  5. OMG, I am in love with that show! Archer is hilarious!

  6. This is definitely one of the easiest Baked recipes I've made so far!

  7. I love the pattern you decorated your bars with! They look so good!

  8. Love me some Archer... Hope you didn't get ants. ;P

  9. WOWWWW that looks SO YUMMY mmm:) your blog is my addiction now haha

    Check out my ALL time chocolate cake recipy in the link above:)

    Have a wonderful day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - The Swedish home decor blog

  10. Love your Jackson Pollock, girl! I'm so glad you liked these-- I loved them too! And yes, they are just begging for variations and mix-ins. Oh, the possibilities…. :)