Sunday, October 27, 2013

Devil Dogs with Malted Buttercream Filling

Hey Punkin 

 I'm new to devil dogs...the name makes me think of  a mash up of deviled eggs and hot dogs.  I didn't say it was a good mash up.  (Guess I should have warned ya, before I continued...well too late now!)  Apparently, these devil dogs are like Hostess cupcakes or Ho-Hos.  That sounds way better than my mash up!

Everybody dance now!

Sorry, this song has been stuck in my head (all week), and I just had to get it out.  Whew, now I feel better. (To be honest, I think it has been stuck in there since the early '90's.)  I'm in no way, trying to divert your attention from the fact that I'm going rogue today.  What?  Who said that? But she put Devil Dogs right in the title!! 
It isn't that I don't want to make these Devil Dogs...I do...I really do. (Just not today.)  They sound very interesting and yummy.  It's just's October and I need to get a pumpkin injection.  Umm, excuse me?  I want some pumpkin in me?  Uh, I think you need to go bake something now and for the love of pumpkin; stop talking. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Pumpkin!(Or was it cowbell?)

The pumpkin made me do it. 

I was going to make the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf from Baked New Frontiers, until I saw this post.  It is an adaptation of the loaf recipe, but in bundt form.  Yep, I'm making this.  I needs me some of that pumpkin goodness.(Oh dear.)

This is a very easy bundt cake to make.  No equipment needed...just me, a few bowls and some utensils...oh and a lovely nordicware bundt pan.  (Yes, an oven as well...but I think the oven was implied when I said I was baking.)  The only thing I changed, was using coconut oil rather than canola oil.

My lovely bundt

Dry ingredients are whisked together, in a bowl.

Next, the wet ingredients get mixed up, in another bowl.

And finally, these crazy kids get joined.  If anyone knows of any reason these two should not be joined, speak now or...

too late.

To the Bundt Pan!

And lastly, into the oven.  Dance break!!  Everybody dance now!! 

The cake needs to bake for an hour and 15 minutes.  Just enough time to listen to the song again and get in an hour (or so) nap.  Hey!  Dancing for 6 minutes drains a gal!

My bundt is baking right now and it smells.  (Lolly, what did I need there?  Why you needed an adverb, Mister...I mean Miss.)  Good.  My bundt is baking right now and it smells good!!  Oh School House Rocks, I love you.
Hmm.  Hubbie thinks 'good' is an adjective.  I think he's right, but I really like this School House Rocks clip! (Lolly and I have a connection.) Blast!  I've just said hubbie is writing...this will haunt me.

Now that is a bundt! (I might have needed a bigger pan.)  And look, the chocolate chips are visible (Not that I think chocolate chips are invisible).  It is just sometimes, when I bake with chocolate chips, the chips sink to the bottom.  But not this time, baby!

My bundt, in all its natural glory.

Feeling a little modest?  A sifting of confectioner's sugar should do the trick...if you're a bundt cake.

Oh yeah, look at those chocolate chips!  Can I get a 'hells ya!'  Or a 'woot, woot!'

This cake was really good.  Though I think it could have done with more spice.  Perhaps a little more nutmeg and ginger.  (To make it more Starbucks Pumpkin Spice loaf-like.)  But I think this has been my best bundt making experience thus far in my baking life.  The texture of the cake is fabulous and it is baked through perfectly.  Spooky good.


  1. From another pumpkin-lover, this sounds delish! My bundt pan gets the most workout of my (limited) baking equipment. The powdered sugar really adds a nice touch! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great looking bundt cake!

  3. That is a pretty bundt cake! woot! woot!

  4. I would really like a slice of your bundt to go with my coffee this morning!

  5. Nice Bundt! I hear you on the pumpkin-- I considered filling my Devil Dogs with some sort of pumpkin filling, but I decided to go with the malt because I LOVE MALT. I would love to try this cake sometime though-- looks delicious! :)

  6. wow, i want that on my luch box now.....

  7. I saw this on the blog and also made it this past week... But in loaf form and with toffee chips. It was a hit! Can't go wrong with this one. :)