Sunday, August 18, 2013

Whiskey Peach upside-down Cake

I had thought about not making this recipe.  Truth.  I just wasn't feeling it.  Plus I have been sick for a week with a cold or flu or something...and that has totally messed with me and my asthma.   Or it might have been the peaches I bought a few weeks back that went bad so within two days of buying!  What's up with that?  Oh, oh.  I shouldn't have uttered or even thought that any SNL fans out there know what's coming next.  I can't stop's out's coming your way.  You can't look away or avoid it...or ever say this phrase ('What's up with that?') again without thinking of these skits from SNL.

So now that I've committed to making this dessert, I guess I need to get out there and buy me some peaches (she says the day before this post is due).  Now I'm not moving to the country to eat me a lot of peaches....just gonna head down to the market and pick up a pound of peaches.  No big whoop.  (Indeed I won't be making up a song about it.) 

Peaches have been purchased.  I think I've got all the other ingredients on hand (imagine that).  And we have a great Canadian Whiskey.  Alberta Premium Dark Horse.  I think this will be a good whiskey to pair with peaches as it does have a wonderful smoky flavour. should totally have a nap first.
I think I am going to go a little crazy (shush) and make this in a square pan.  I know, I'm thinking it's pretty crazy too!  The recipe clearly calls for a round pan, not a square pan.  But oh no, little Miss here thinks she can shake things up with a square pan.  And it isn't just because I have a square pan in the kitchen and the rest of my cake pans are in the storage room downstairs.  (na-ah)  I'm envisioning something with the peach slices.  An arrangement that is different....magical....or more precisely...square.
Yeah, it totally didn't go the way I envisioned.  But it is a square pan.  And we all know it's hip to be square.  (I heard it on the news from some fellow named Huey.)

Thankfully this is a really easy cake to put together.  Peaches got sliced, eggs got cracked, butter got beat, and egg whites got whipped.  (Ultimate fighting has nothing on baking!)

The whiskey smells so good, combined with the melted butter and brown sugar.  This is the base of the cake. (Which will then become the top of the cake.)  Upside down, boy you turn me...inside out....and round and round.  Please note:  there will be no inside out or round and round.

 The batter has been whipped up and is spread onto the peaches.  Once the batter is baked and becomes cake, the cake will then be the bottom and the peaches the top.

So I'm kinda glad I put the cake on a baking sheet to bake.  Nobody wants to talk about it, but leakage happens.

Time to turn this baby upside down.  Funny how some things look better upside down.

 This cake is so lovely and moist, definitely one I would make again.  Perhaps with mango and rum next time.  Can't wait to see how the rest of the gang at Baked Sunday Morning's liked this cake.  I thought it was even better the next day. (Breakfast of champions.)

Topped with Whiskey Whipped Cream


  1. I love the way your square cake turned out -- absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Yum! I think mango & rum sounds good, too. I like your square version - very nice.

  3. Love the square pan. And I love your idea to use mangoes!

  4. Beautiful job, Sandra! I like the square, even if it misbehaved a bit. You had me chuckling often on this one. I'm glad you liked it so much-- I loved this cake too, though definitely best on the first day. ;-)

  5. This was SO good cold out of the fridge for breakfast with coffee the next day! And I love the "What's Up With That" skit... Bill Hader as Lindsey Buckingham gets me every time!