Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TWD-Johnny Cake Cobbler

I am so glad this is an easy recipe.  I don't think I could have handled anything too labour intensive this week. (Just getting over a cold or flu.) 1-800-waaa (Call toll free!)  So this is going to be a short and sweet post (kinda like me). 
I also had an easy recipe to make for my Baked Sunday Morning's group.  I made a Whiskey Peach Upside Down Cake.  (And that was Da Bomb!)  Seriously good.
So I am feeling very lucky to have been able to make both recipes, even though I'm still feeling kind of worn out.  (And shaky from the extra ventolin....darn asthma.)

Anyhoo, I love cobblers, crumbles and crisps. (Made a gluten free crumble here.)  This johnny cake cobbler is made with nectarines and plums.  Found some lovely fruit (in a store, not just in a random place).  Am using black plums, rather than purple.  (They just looked too good to pass up.)
I even watched the video with Johanne Killeen making the cobbler. (Not that I really needed help with the making of this.)  I just enjoy watching the shows. 

Nectarines and plums were sliced and then cooked with some butter and sugar.  I'm thinking I should have used a bigger pan here....hmm.  Well my birthday is coming up....just sayin'.

A lot of liquid came off of the fruit during this process.  And I didn't think it really cooked down much (as the recipe indicated).

 I added all the fruit and the juices to the dish.

The making of the topping is pretty straight forward.  The butter gets blended into the dry ingredients (with the food processor) or if you're like me and really don't feel like lugging out the food processor just to pulse for a few seconds, you used a pastry cutter.  And it seemed to work just fine.  Then the heavy cream gets added and mixed in.  And again, if you're like me and realize you used the last cup of cream in the fridge to make the peach ice cream (to use up the last of the peaches), then like me, you used 1% milk and a little half and half.  D'oh!

I didn't have any individual size ramekins (6-8 oz), so I did a family size cobbler.  Though now that I've watched the video of her making this dish, it is clear imperative that I need get some big ramekins for such things.  Until then, I will remain large ramekin-less.  Please listen to the saddest song being played on the world's smallest violin until I pull myself together.

So the topping got spread onto the fruit.  And now it is just a matter of baking this for about 15 minutes.  Easy, breezy. 

Here is the finished product straight from the oven.

And here is a bowl of the cobbler to try. 

I got an "it's okay" from the hubbie.  I think he's being kind.  I didn't enjoy it at all.  The fruit tastes good (can't go wrong with that).  But I found the topping to be disappointing.  The topping has cornmeal (which I love), but in this I found it most disagreeable.   Now I'm not sure if it was because I went with the option of adding a bit of ginger or what.  But I really didn't like this.  But wait, we also made her Gingerbread Baby Cakes and I didn't like those at all.  Hmmm...maybe I have a new theory.....


  1. Certainly looks like a nice presentation. Based on all the comments, I probably will not make this one.


  2. I know some frown on receiving cookware for gifts (b.day/xmas), but one of the best gifts I received was my 12-inch stainless steel pan. Use it all the time. And I would not have spent the money on it myself (at the time).

    I enjoyed the cobbler topping (sans ginger). The filling - just OK. Maybe if I had added some type of spice to kick it up a notch, I may have liked it more. I loved the simplicity of this dessert.

    Hope you will be feeling better soon. Happy early birthday to you!! <:)

  3. Some days are not make for laborious food. Cobblers and crisps are so good considering the work! The extra juice in the fruit is perfect really, I wouldn't complain at all!

  4. Love the post and I hope you are feeling better! Excellent feedback on the cobbler, reviews have been mixed so I haven't decided if I will make it yet. I must admit I disliked the gingerbread baby cakes as well, I had one mouthful then chucked the rest out, even Mr LG who loves all things sweet and sugary returned his plate uneaten and that is completely unheard of :)

  5. Hope you are feeling better. Sometimes, we just need to have an easy one thrown our way :-)

  6. Hope you are starting to feel better. Sorry the cobbler did not go your way.

  7. Hope you're feeling better! The cobbler looks good, but shame it wasn't delicious!

    xx gemma @ andgeesaid.blogspot.com.au

  8. I'm so sorry it was not a hit in your family after all you had to go through: hope you are feeling better by now.
    We loved the cobbler, but I made some little changes.
    I'm not sure I've used the right cornmeal (I've used the most finely ground cornmeal) but it came out great.

  9. Hope you are feeling better. I think your cobbler looks scrumptious!


  10. sorry you didn't enjoy it, still, i think i need to make this but i will follow as others have suggested and cut the topping recipe back by half.

  11. Sorry this wasn't a hit. Maybe next recipe.

  12. Your cobbler certainly looks delicious! Sorry that it wasn't a favorite for you. Due to allergies, we left out the corn meal. Perhaps that is what made it turn out better?

  13. Well, even if the taste was disappointing, it sure was a beauty! I enjoyed the change from my usual cobbler topping, but it was a little too thick...plus it didn't age well. On to next month, right?

  14. It LOOKS pretty. I skipped the ginger and really liked this, so maybe that could be the issue? Your fruit is gorgeous.

  15. Sorry you didn't like this one. I enjoyed it, but have generally found the book to be hit-or-miss so far.