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New Favourite Places and Things

Prince Edward County

So the hubbie and I had a quickie (vacation).  We took the Thursday and Friday off before this August long weekend.  I just wanted some time off and since we have no big vacation plans this summer, have just been taking days here and there.  As a general rule, I do not travel (or don't like to travel) on long weekends.  I loathe the traffic and crush of people all trying to squeeze in so much in so little time. 

But I had this idea if we took a few days off before the actual long weekend, we could have a mini vacation without the throngs of long weekend people.  I think it worked out quite well.  And it was just a one night getaway.

It started Thursday morning.  We packed up and gave our kitties two days worth of food and time to become acquainted with our suitcase (before we left).  Cordelia thought it was great being able to hide in the suitcase....Willow was too cautious and just stayed to the sidelines. (Can just see her nose to the right of the case.)

I had booked us a one night stay in Bloomfield at the Comfort Village Inn.  A very basic motel.  But perfect for us, as we only wanted a place to sleep.  And honestly, I have a hard time paying a lot for a place we won't be spending much time.  (I'd sooner use my money for the fun things like shopping and good meals.)  I thought this inn was just fine, and would recommend it for anyone looking for a cheaper place to stay in Prince Edward County.  The room was clean, the bed was super comfortable, the bathroom was clean and the shower was great. (I am picky about showers...I hate the shower heads that just seem to lightly spray and not get all the soap off.)  But I digress.....
The property of the Inn went right to the Lake (Ontario) so we could walk down and watch the waves crashing into the rocks. 

We went to  a lot of places during our short visit to Prince Edward County.  The first place we stopped, was Picton.  It is a very busy town during the summer.  But I knew where I wanted to go.  And as it was lunch time when we arrived, we headed to Buddha Dog for some hotdogs.  Yep, hotdogs.  But not just any old hotdog....homemade hotdogs. (Which I can say I've  never had before.)  They were good dogs, and the condiment choices were varied and special.  I would recommend visiting the cute little shop if you're ever in Picton. 

Places of mention (that I loved) in Prince Edward County (including shopping...cause ya know there was shopping to be done) are as follows (and there are many more, we just didn't hit them all).
French Country--this store had so many beautiful things for the home.(Picton) 
Frugal and Company--Eclectic is the best word for this store....lots of retro and antique items.(Picton)
Gilbert & Lighthall Marketplace--I'm pretty sure I wanted to buy everything in this store. (Picton)
Dead People's Stuff--Antiques and vintage.  Loved the name and the items available. (Bloomfield)
Angel Boutique--Very sweet store with lovely gift ideas. (Bloomfield)
Green Gables Gifts & Greetings-- (no website)--this store had a vast selection of gift ideas (and probably had the biggest selection of Espe purses I've ever seen).
Prince Edward County Lavender--very cute little shop on a farm.  There was so many item with lavender in them...including chocolate!
Sandbanks Provincial Park--Interesting park.  You just don't expect to see sand dunes like this.
Sandbanks Estate Winery--this was the only winery we hit on our trip.  There are so many wineries in the Prince Edward County.  (All no doubt worth visiting if you have the time.)

So, we had lunch in Picton at the Buddha Dog what to do for dinner?  I already knew, since I made the reservations a few days before we arrived (just in case).  And I'm so glad we did make reservations, as it was a busy place.  East & Main Bistro  This was probably the best dinner that I've had out, since we went to Fresco Bistro in April. Which may be the place I pick for my birthday've all been warned (you know who you are).  But again, I digress...
Dinner at East & Main was fabulous.  I had the lamb shank.  Hubbie had the chicken stuffed with goat cheese, bacon and spinach.  Both meals were incredible.  And the service was superb.  If and when we go back to Prince Edward County, we'll definitely be going to the Bistro again.

Gasp!  I almost forgot about breakfast!  We went to Tall Poppy Café.  Cutest little café, that makes a good breakfast.  And their bread is amazing.  If you're ever there, you need to try their toast (made from their house bread).  It is a multigrain bread that is so freaking good!  Oh and pick me up a loaf!  I would have bought some while I was there, but because it was coming up to the long weekend, they needed every loaf they had. 

For a quickie (vacation), this was a wonderful.  I even enjoyed the drive there (and I'm all about being there, not getting there when it comes to a vacation).  We took the scenic route, that took us through the Rideau Lakes area. (An area I would love to take time to visit.)  On the way back, we followed the Loyalist Parkway (another beautiful drive).

I would highly recommend a trip to Prince Edward County, if you're in the area.  It is absolutely beautiful.  And a lovely area around Lake Ontario.  I would love to spend a week there, soaking in the sun and visiting all the sites.
View from Glenora Car Ferry

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