Sunday, August 04, 2013

Lime Tarragon Cookies with White Chocolate Lime Topping

Paranormal Activity

Things I know for sure:
  1. I have never baked with Tarragon.
  2. Lime has other uses? (more of a question than a thing I know)

Lime...apparently not just for gin & tonics or Rum & cokes...I know, right?!?!....mind blown.  I feel like I learn a little every day I blog. 

I'm on the fence about these cookies.  Lime and Tarragon?  I love lime.  But tarragon?  This 'tarragon' will need to prove itself to me.  The first test will be its availability at the grocery store.  The next test will be the smell test.  Will it smell like something I want to put in a cookie....a cookie with white chocolate.  I will remain (precariously) perched on said fence.  (Metaphorically of course...since ladies don't sit on fences.)

Paranormal Activity Sighting:  Me cutting into a lime and it NOT being for a drink.  Not gonna lie; I'm a little scared right now.  Did you know that limes can also be cut up and put in ice water??!!  Seriously, who knew that?  Tanqueray?  Appleton?  Nope, they're not talking. 

Well, this tarragon really doesn't smell like anything.  Oh wait, now that I'm cutting into it, I do smell a bit of licorice.  Interesting.  (Not a favourite flavour of mine...but let's continue.)
Lime has been zested and juiced.  And still nary a drop of Gin nor Rum. 

Sugars (light brown and confectioners) are blended together with the butter.  Once all blended up nicely, the rest of the ingredients (lime juice, zest, tarragon, salt and flour) get blended into the mix.

The result is a speckled dough that is ready for a bit of a rest in the fridge.
It is a tasty cookie dough.  The lime comes through more than the tarragon I think.

After an hour or so resting in the fridge, the cookie dough is ready to be baked.

While they are baking, I'll zest the rest of the lime.  Is it just me, or does this zester look too happy.

Whoa...I hope he just enjoys his job and isn't demonic....I do not want to be dragged out of my bed by this little zester!

Once the cookies have cooled, the melted white chocolate gets spread on top and garnished with some lime zest.

And the only thing left to do now is plate these up and test them.

Well, they didn't wow us.  They were just okay.  I could definitely taste the lime, but I don't think the tarragon really come through.  I thought these cookies would be more like a shortbread, being that confectioner's sugar was used.  So I was a little surprised that they were drop cookies rather than a rolled and cut out cookie.  I didn't hate them.  I think I was just expecting more. 

I do have ideas on how I could change them up though.  I think it is a great base cookie (minus the lime and tarragon) to play with different flavourings.  So I made them again.  But this time, with lemon and instead of regular salt, I added lavender sea salt.  I picked up the sea salt on this trip.

I liked them more with this combination than the lime and tarragon.  The crunchy sea salt was tasty in the cookie.  I probably should have went with a Lemon and Ginger combination; like these rice krispie squares.

I'm a little teapot...short and stout...


  1. oh! love your lemon twist on it! i enjoyed them, but kinda want to try them with lemon now!

  2. Interesting - I was thinking of different flavors to make them with & thought of lemon & lavender, too - great minds! I also thought cardamom & orange...definitely worth revisiting!

  3. Shoulda just used the limes for a Cuba Libre! ;P But those do look very tasty!!

  4. Lemon and ginger sounds wonderful! I love your zester.

  5. I will trust you that these are good because I'm not a fan of tarragon.

  6. Cute your lemon ones! Never heard of lavender sea salt..hmmmmm. Very interesting!

  7. Nice work, Sandra! Sorry you didn't love these. I couldn't taste the tarragon either, but I was glad for that, because I can't stand licorice! I think it gives the cookies a subtle "something" rather than a strong flavor of its own. I love your idea of using the dough as a base for other flavors! Lavender sea salt-- how creative! :) I too am curious about a lime-vanilla bean variation, but now I'm thinking about other ideas too... Oh, the possibilities!

  8. I agree with you about these cookies-just ok. Lemon ginger sounds like a winning combination to me!

  9. Ohh...lemon and ginger is such a good idea! Love those flavors together. :)