Saturday, August 10, 2013

Garlic Festival and Patty Melts

Where has the year gone?  It is already time for the Garlic Festival at Carp Market(here in Ottawa).  I love the Carp Market in the summer and look forward to all the fresh vegetables and everything else the carp market has to offer.

This weekend we headed to the Carp Market.  We try to go most weekends during the summer, when we're free.  It is my favourite place to go and see all the farmers selling their beautiful produce.  And this weekend, the market is even bigger with all the vendors selling garlic.  So many varieties of garlic and different produces made with garlic.  (We even saw Garlic fudge!  True Story.)
Of course I bought some garlic.  We will be trying two varieties. (Siberian and Killarney) 

If you are in the Ottawa area and love garlic, get out to the Carp Market!  It is going on all weekend, so there is one more day to enjoy the goodness that is garlic.  (Excluding the less loved garlic breath...of course.) 

Now that we are home from the market, and have a lovely bit of ground beef from one of the vendors there (Dobson's Grass Fed Beef Farm);  I think I need to make David Lebovitz's Patty Melts.  He made them this week and I just have to make them too.

It all starts with caramelizing onions. 

This pan full of onions turns into this small batch of caramelized onions.  Crazy, huh!

While the onions were caramelizing, I got the beef started.

Hold on.  Here we go.  The ground beef is seasoned simply, with salt and pepper and shaped into two oval patties. 

Why are they shaped that way?  Why all the better to fit onto the bread, my pretty.  And the bread I'm using for these patty melts, is Marble rye. 

How pretty is this bread?

First the swiss cheese....

Then the caramelized onions.....

a little Dijon mustard....

the beef patties.....

Then this all gets grilled until the bread is nice and toasty....

Like this!   

And now it is time for a bite....

Yep, it was a tasty patty melt.  I think if I were to make it again though, I'd season the beef more and perhaps make more caramelized onions....'cause you can never have too many. 

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