Sunday, July 07, 2013

Malted Vanilla Milkshakes

Yabba Dabba Do!

These milkshakes just might bring all the boys to the yard......
But I better have a back up plan just in case.  Hey, how about a drive in diner meal?  Hamburger, onion rings and a milkshake.  Oh yeah, this sounds like a great reason to come to the dinner table.  If I had my rollerskates still, I could roll from the kitchen with it!  My husband is shaking his head no.  Oh I loved you.  I saved my money to buy them, well I saved half the money and my parents covered the rest. (But I made the purchase, so you know....I bought them.)  I coveted these skates for months before the purchase was made.  The skates were suede. 

Not actually my roller skates, but I did have the blue indoor wheels and I also had the yellow outdoor wheels.  Yeah, I had indoor and outdoor wheels....'cause that's how I rolled.  Get it!  I'm here all night....try the milkshakes!

Yeah, I rocked the roller rink!  (And yes, I am that old....though maybe I came in on the tail end of this trend.)  Makes me think of that song, Brand New Key by Melanie.....but for some reason always thought it was Joni Mitchell singing it. (Which means nothing to you whippersnappers!) 
But I digress.....

Anyhoo......I'm guessing since these are milkshakes, ice cream will be involved.  I did get an ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid.  (This post.)  But I haven't gotten around to actually making ice cream yet.  And I've had it for a full week!  (public shaming in 3-2-1.)  Oh, and I received the new book I ordered, David Lebovitz's Perfect Scoop.  So excited!!!!  The keener in me wants to make my own ice cream, to use for these milkshakes.  The realist in me is wondering what brand of ice cream to buy.  Silly reality...bein' all real and stuff. 

Breyer's.  Hubbie went out and bought me Breyer's ice cream.  Yes, I once again didn't make ice cream.  But my ice cream bowl is still in the freezer, so it could happen at any moment, people!  That's right, ice cream could be made at any moment!  The power of the ice cream is strong in this one.  But not right now. 

Now this is one easy recipe.  Perfect for the lazy days of summer.  Not many ingredients needed at all....five in total.

I stuck to the drive in diner meal.  Even though I could have really gone out for a meal at Haveli's.  My favourite Indian Restaurant.  Mmmm.  But I needed to stay strong and continue with this meal.  The milkshakes needed to have a meal made especially for them. (Please note:  no burgers were eaten by milkshakes.) 

Vera's Burgers (from the Butchery) and Alexia Onion Rings are going to make up this drive in diner meal.  Hubbie is out BBQ'ing the burgers, while I bake the onion rings and blend up the milkshakes.  This shake just got real.
I have never made milkshakes before.  I did think they were going to be big glasses filled to the brim, but it really didn't make that much.  Which, I guess is a good thing.  But doesn't exactly make for stunning milkshake pics!  (And I even went with smaller glasses than I was originally going to use.)
And here are the milkshakes with their drive in diner companions!

It was a yummy meal to have along with milkshakes.  I liked the flavour of the milkshake.  The vanilla really came through and the malt flavour was subtle and really good at the end when all the crushed maltesers had to be scooped up with a spoon.  Yum!  It was a great treat meal to have.  I could see making the milkshakes again, perhaps trying a different flavour and (dare I say) with my own homemade ice cream.)

This video is for my hubbie....because he sang this song when I brought out the dinner tray, and I thought this was the perfect song to go with this meal!!  He's my music man!
Hey, there wasn't a tip on my tray at the end!


  1. I think I need to come eat at your house! Eveything looked great!

  2. Adorable! Love the diner theme.

  3. Ohmigosh -- burgers, onion rings and milkshakes... that sounds like *the perfect* summer meal. Looks fantastic!

  4. Awesome - you went all out!! Too bad you couldn't serve it on time ;)

  5. Yum! Love the pairing with burgers and onion rings. I bet fries would be super tasty dipped in these shakes!

  6. Hilarious! I love it...and dinner looks YUMMY...I'm so hungry. :D
    I had a skate key for my ice skates. No tip??? Well! My mom and dad met while she was waitressing, after they began dating...there went her dime tip... LOL
    Great post. I will be following you on bloglovin'.


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