Sunday, June 09, 2013

Cream Cheese Chocolate Snacking Cookies

Follow the Bouncing Ball

Cream Cheese Chocolate Snacking Cookies.......whew...that is quite the mouthful.  I feel like I would need to carry around a cue card with that written on it, so if anyone asked I would be able to sneak a peak at my cue card (for fear of forgetting a word).  No, no, wait, not cue card (great, now I'm picturing someone walking with a huge cue card so I can read off of it.)  I think what I meant to say was Index Cards....yes, remember being in school and having to do public speaking?  And we'd all have our little index cards written out.  Oh, ugh, public speaking....I really didn't/don't like doing that.  (Cold sweat nightmares.)  Okay, I feel like I've gotten off topic.  (Hey, an index card would be handy right now to get me back on that's what the index cards were for...I should always carry those.)  Oh yes, these cookies with the long name.

It really is a long fact, longer than John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.  (Oh you know you wanna click on the name to relive your camp days!)  There's a bouncing ball to follow!!
"Whenever we go out the people always shout, Cream Cheese chocolate Snackng Cookies....Da, da, da, da, da, da, da." (Yeah, that totally works.)  Pretty sure that tune is going to be in my head the whole time I'm making these cookies.

To start, the cream cheese, butter and sugars get mixed together in the KA.

Once they have been nicely blended together, the eggs, heavy cream (half and half....cause that's all I had) and vanilla get added.

Da, da, da, da, da, da, da.

After that, the dry ingredients need to be incorporated into the mix.

Quietly now, "da, da, da, da, da, da, da".
And lastly, the melted chocolate and chocolate chips get mixed in. 

Put it all together and it looks a lot like this!  The cookie batter needs to rest in the fridge for 15 minutes before baking.

Scoop....there it is!

You been scooped!
Just have to pop these into the oven, and faster than you can say 'John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt' (10 minutes), we have some nice looking cookies.  All pretty and puffed up. (which I'm sure will sink once cooled....but hey that's normal.)  Shhhh....I don't want my cookies to get a complex. 

These cookies are so tender.  I think the cream cheese helps that a lot.  The cocoa powder (Valrhona) tasted so good in these.  And yep, I understand why these are called snacking cookies......just like a Pringles, ya can't stop at one!  Wisely, I stopped after two.  I'm going to bring them into work tomorrow and do an Oprah.....'you're getting a cookie, and you're getting a cookie, and you're getting a cookie'.........

And yes, that song did stay in my head for this entire baking process....yay for me...... 



  1. Thanks for the tip about frozen dough, I actually usually like really flat, slightly crispy cookies. But this recipe would have been better if they were not so flat. Yours look delicious :)

  2. Great looking cookies, soooo freezing my dough next time I make these!

  3. Your comments about the name of these cookies made me giggle! It is a mouthful, but what a delicious mouthful!

  4. Okay, now you got me singin that crazy song! Hahaha! Nice looking cookies!

  5. I like that you figured out a way to make them a little puffier - mine were flatter than I like.

  6. These look great!

  7. I love Scharffen Berger chocolate!!! Mmmmm cookies look great and as always a funny funny post

  8. Awesome-looking! Exactly what I wanted mine to look like, but they got a little flat around the edges. ;)