Sunday, June 23, 2013

Banana Mousse Parfaits


So this week we are making Banana Mousse.  And we can make it one of two ways (or both ways, I guess).  Or just venture out and make it our own. 
Now I have to decide, do I Parfait it or Split it? (Or go bananas.)  But me being me, can't let the Banana Split thing go without mentioning, The Banana Split Show.  I still remember that crazy Hanna Barbera show.

OH MY GOD, BECKY!  I just had a thought!  What if I use some of this banana mousse with my little Savarin cakes.  Yes!  I could soak the cakes with malibu rum, fill the middle with the banana mousse and top it with some banana slices. 

Or I could just top the mousse with some granola and call it breakfast!  Yes, breakfast! 
My blog, my rules!!

Okay, it may be the coffee talking at this point.  Gonna put the cup down now.  But it's so good.  Hubbie bought a new coffee maker and boy, oh boy, does it make good Bridgehead favourite coffee, which incidently (and yes, I've mentioned before), is now being sold at my favourite Kitchen place- Grace in the Kitchen.  (That right there, is a 'life is good' moment.)  Picking up the coffee cup again.

Oh, oh.  Just had another thought. (what is that, my third today?)  I know, slow it down Sandra.  Is someone making toast?
Um, I might not have parfait cups to put said parfait in........hmmm.  And they have to be clear glass, so we can see whatever I plan on putting with this mousse.  Maybe I could use wine glasses.  I really shouldn't go out to buy special cups just for this recipe.  Right?! 

What's that, coffee?  I should?  How did you get so smart, coffee!?  I must drink more of you.  Please note:  No cups, glasses or containers were bought during the making of this mousse.  (Honest honey, I didn't go shopping....'cause I already had what I needed.)  Booyah!!!  More coffee to celebrate!!!

And yes, this is going to be another 'stuck in my head for the duration of this recipe' song.  But that's okay.   You know why?  'Cause I'm so excited!!!  (in a 'it's so fluffy' kind of way!!!!)  Okay, okay, no more coffee...promise...right after this last sip or two.

Ingredients have been readied and are waiting to be put to good use.
This will be my first time....wait for it....using vanilla bean paste.  That was a buy from Vanilla Food Company.

I have had my kitchen aid mixing bowl in the freezer chilling for about an hour.  I think it has chilled out enough.

This is one of those beautifully simple recipes (and not those few ingredients recipes that you think will be simple...I'm looking at you pastry dough...always looking at you).  Bitterness aside, this really is a simple recipe.

It starts with whipping up some heavy cream in my perfectly chilled mixing bowl.  The recipe says to whisk to a soft peak.  I may have gone a little too long.  Meh, it's all good.   The lesson here, is that you don't walk away from the mixer when whipping up cream. Or, you do walk away and come back to peaks that have peaked.

Let's Play! (said like Antonio Banderas in 'Desperado'....ohhh yeaaah!
The whipped cream gets put aside and next the blender comes out to play.  The milk, bananas, sugar and vanilla bean paste get all blended up, until smooth.

This is then put in a bowl and the whipped cream gets folded into the banana mixture.
Could this recipe be any easier?  Probably, but that would more than likely involve someone else making it!  I'm pretty pleased with the ease as is.......makes me want to ease on down...ease on down the road....oh I'm going and the Wiz......
Take that, Pointer Sisters....I've got a new song in my head now!  Mmm Hmm!

And here is the finished product.  It needs to chill in the fridge or the freezer. 

Extreme close up!  (To show off the seeds from the vanilla bean paste.) 

No, I didn't have it for breakfast.  This was a late night snack of banana mousse and granola, to keep me from eating those Brooksters I made yesterday.(dang, they're good.)

This mousse is just pure banana goodness.  Nothing takes away from the banana flavour.  I think I will put the rest of the mousse in the freezer, so that I can see what I like more; chilled or frozen.

Well, I think the mousse is even better in the frozen state.  It is almost like ice cream.  I'm so glad the Baked Boys suggested freezing it.  It would be a great summer treat.
I crumbled up some of the brownies from the Brooksters I made yesterday.  Then I melted some milk chocolate to give a little extra va va voom!  The frozen banana mousse would be awesome with a homemade rum sauce.

For a look at how everyone else did with this recipe, head over to Baked Sunday Mornings.
I am so glad I tried this recipe and the Brookster recipe.  I think both will be recipes that I keep for special occasions......occasions like 'I went to work 5 days in row'.......or 'I cleaned my house' know, the special occasions we sometimes forget to celebrate. 


  1. Oh my!! That looks too wonderful!

  2. Looks great! I think I'd prefer the frozen version, too.

  3. Delicious dessert!

  4. what a great idea serving it with savarin *saving idea for some other time* finished dessert with the brownies looks perfect!

  5. Very nice! Glad I finally got to read your blog! It's been hectic and I only have interwebs sporadically! The cupcake shop I'm at is called Cupprimo, in Austin, TX. Baking and decorating... Good times! Had an order for 845 mini red velvet cupcakes earlier this week! WHEW! ;)