Sunday, June 23, 2013

Banana Mousse Parfaits


So this week we are making Banana Mousse.  And we can make it one of two ways (or both ways, I guess).  Or just venture out and make it our own. 
Now I have to decide, do I Parfait it or Split it? (Or go bananas.)  But me being me, can't let the Banana Split thing go without mentioning, The Banana Split Show.  I still remember that crazy Hanna Barbera show.

OH MY GOD, BECKY!  I just had a thought!  What if I use some of this banana mousse with my little Savarin cakes.  Yes!  I could soak the cakes with malibu rum, fill the middle with the banana mousse and top it with some banana slices. 

Or I could just top the mousse with some granola and call it breakfast!  Yes, breakfast! 
My blog, my rules!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Brookster

Double the Pleasure

I'm doing it!  Don't tell anyone.  It will be our secret.  I'm going to try the Brookster recipe.  Shhh. 
For those who don't know, the Brookster is the creation of the Baked Boys; it is a brownie with a chocolate chip cookie on top. 
(Makes me think of the bunny with a pancake on his head)  Silly Bunny, pancakes are for eating.  Mmm pancakes.

So yes, we (me, myself and I) are combining the goodness of a chocolate chip cookie with the yum of a brownie.  Shut the front door!!  I know, right!  That is crazy.  Crazy enough that I need to try and make them.  I wasn't part of the Baked Sunday Morning's gang when they made them.  So this is me catching up, one recipe at a time.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TWD-Cheese and Tomato Galette


Okay, I am not sure why these TWD posts keep sneaking up on me.  Again, I was sure I had another week.  At least this time, I've still got a few days before this post is due.  (Thank goodness for weekends!)

The  galette dough looks fairly simple.  Let's be clear though.....I don't find any pie/galette dough simple.  The reading of the recipe makes it seem simple though.  I like that there is cornmeal in the dough, so maybe that means it won't be fussy (tempermental).  <finger's crossed>

Hopefully I can find some good tomatoes....though it is still early in the year, so they may be hot house.  But I will check out some farmer's markets to see if perhaps there are some early tomatoes out there.  I do see little tomatoes on my plants.  But they are cherry tomatoes and still green.  I'm so excited that they are growing and I haven't killed them (yet)!  I'd say all the rain has been helping with that.  And my herbs are all growing nicely. 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Cream Cheese Chocolate Snacking Cookies

Follow the Bouncing Ball

Cream Cheese Chocolate Snacking Cookies.......whew...that is quite the mouthful.  I feel like I would need to carry around a cue card with that written on it, so if anyone asked I would be able to sneak a peak at my cue card (for fear of forgetting a word).  No, no, wait, not cue card (great, now I'm picturing someone walking with a huge cue card so I can read off of it.)  I think what I meant to say was Index Cards....yes, remember being in school and having to do public speaking?  And we'd all have our little index cards written out.  Oh, ugh, public speaking....I really didn't/don't like doing that.  (Cold sweat nightmares.)  Okay, I feel like I've gotten off topic.  (Hey, an index card would be handy right now to get me back on that's what the index cards were for...I should always carry those.)  Oh yes, these cookies with the long name.

It really is a long fact, longer than John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.  (Oh you know you wanna click on the name to relive your camp days!)  There's a bouncing ball to follow!!
"Whenever we go out the people always shout, Cream Cheese chocolate Snackng Cookies....Da, da, da, da, da, da, da." (Yeah, that totally works.)  Pretty sure that tune is going to be in my head the whole time I'm making these cookies.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


I clearly thought I had another week before this was due.  It is Monday night and I am just making this recipe now!!  Ack!

Luckily, the recipe is fairly simple for the dough.  And not a lot of resting time which helps too.  It really is a simple dough. 

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Mississippi Mud Pie

Oh my....this pie looks like it is going to be a good one.  I am going out right now to find coffee ice cream.  (Please, please, please let me find coffee ice cream.)  I'm sure Ben & Jerry's would have it, but being in Canada we don't get the full list of flavours.

The recipe itself looks very simple.  I like simple...especially when it comes to a summer dessert.  I hope this one is a keeper. (The recipe that is.)  I am going to be substituting peanuts for the pecans, as one of my taste testers is allergic to nuts (but can eat peanuts...because peanuts aren't a nut...even though it clearly has a 'nut' in its name...yes peanut, I am judging you.....good day). 

Okay, am back from the grocery store......and I've had success!!!

President's Choice (here in Canada) actually makes a coffee ice cream.
 I saw that Haagen Dazs does too, but thought I'd stick with President's Choice, as I was impressed with their Salted Caramel ice cream. (Yes, salted caramel!!)

Time to get this ice cream pie made.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Cookbook Heaven

This week I got a new cookbook.  I am in heaven.......

I love cookbooks and think I will probably have an obsession with them at some point....not now though...I think I have it under control.  (Unless you look at my wish list on Chapters...but they're just wishes.....shhhh.)

The newest cookbook is from Thomas Keller.  It's beautiful.

There is so much great information in these pages.  I could spend a month just reading it and learning...before I even do any baking!  I love that about some cookbooks.  I love that it is more than just putting out a recipe.  It is also a picture book and a learning tool.

Cookies is the first section of the book, so I thought I'd start there.  I made the first cookie recipe in that section....Oatmeal Raisin.  Truly a classic cookie we all remember.  Though the ones I remember were generally crunchy and hard.

These ones are lovely with a crunch on the exterior and a nice soft interior.

I look forward to trying more recipes from this book.