Sunday, May 26, 2013

Malted Madeleines

Have Pan Will Bake

I am going to be making the Malted Madeleines.  Duh, you're writing a post about it....of course you're making them.
Maybe I should be clearer.  I HAVE to make the Malted Madeleines.  Oh, it isn't a matter of life and death (or is it 'life or death'?).  Hmm....maybe I should google that.  No!  Get back to the Madeleines.

Let me take you back dear reader to a day....the day....when madeleines were something I needed.
It all started(over two months ago), when I read ahead on the baking schedule for Baked Sunday Mornings.  And there is was, the date for Malted Madeleines (still a ways off).  But then around the same time, Yummy Chunklet made Chocolate-dipped Maple & Bacon Madeleines (yes, Bacon!)  Well, what could I do?  It was obvious I needed a madeleine pan.  And so began my our hunt for a pan.  Hubbie was part of this too.  (He was the driver.)  Everyone needs a driver to be at the ready when it is necessary to try another store.  It only took three stores until I found one.  To be fair, I found them at another store, but they seemed expensive for a cookie pan.  Wow, great story....the plot twists were crazy and I'm dying to does it end??  (It is a sad day, dear reader, when your own sarcasm comes and kicks ya in the butt.)  Fine!  I'll move along...even though there could have been crazy plot twists in this story.

So, I bought a madeleine pan.  And now I have to use it....I just gotta.  It is still sitting in the the bag I brought it home in!!  It judges me; every time I walk into the kitchen.  "Where's my Madeleines, Bedelia!!" (yep, I just brought some Creepshow into this post.)  Sorry.

The day of reckoning baking is upon me.

First I need to melt some butter.  Look at that butter dish...ain't it a beauty!  I love it for its beauty and for the fact that it has been in my life for a very long time.

Dry ingredients get blended together. (Flour, malted milk powder, cocoa, baking powder and salt.)

Eggs and sugar (and later melted butter) were whisked together in the KA.  I did start with the paddle attachment until I re-read the instructions.  I really think having instructions is going to catch on one day.  (Not for me though.)

The dry ingredients get sifted over the wet and then folded together.

The end result being this lovely, glossy, thick batter. 

The batter needs to rest for an hour, under covers.  Nap time...everyone and everything can benefit from a bit of a nap.

One hour interlude........

So I had an hour to kill or bake....I went with baking. 

First, I made these Honey Corn Muffins.  These were done by the Baked Sunday Morning gang before I started.  I am a huge fan of cornmeal muffins (and griddlecakes).
The only thing I changed when making these, was to replace the light brown sugar with coconut sugar.  I bought it a while ago and haven't had a chance to try it yet.  It didn't seem to change the taste of these muffins at all...they are still yummy!

I still have some time.  So I also made these Almond Freezer Protein Balls.  I have made them before and really enjoy having them in the freezer for a quick and healthy snack.  Om Nom Ally has lots of other great healthy recipes on her site too.  This tray just needs to be put in the freezer until the balls are frozen and can be stored in Ziploc bags.  The only modification I made, was substituting peanut butter for Almond butter.....still not liking almond butter.

And I still have enough time to clean up the mess in the kitchen before I put the cookie batter into the pan.

The batter has gotten thick, really thick.  Should be interesting trying to spoon it into the madeleine pan. 

Interesting indeed.  It isn't like a cake batter that just self levels when  it is poured into a pan.  Nope, these need to be spooned into the pan and it is a little difficult to tell when one is 3/4 full.  Hmm.  And I guess my madeleine pan is larger, as I only had enough batter to make 16 cookies.  Wait, I'm calling it a cookie, but is it? 

Into the oven they go; for 10-12 minutes.  In the meantime, I will mix together the teaspoon of cocoa powder and teaspoon of malted milk powder.  This mixture gets sifted over the madeleines after they have cooled for a minute.

Here they are fresh from the oven and spending a minute on the wire rack to cool down.

They were pretty easy to release from the pan.  Rather than using the butter and flour route, I just used the Wilton Bake Easy spray.  I like using it when baking cakes.  I also like Wilton Cake Release (as it is also a one step process). 

Once out of the pan, the cocoa powder and malted milk powder mixture get sifted onto the madeleines.

They look very pretty.  The exterior is a little crunchy with a soft interior. (Albeit a little dry.)  The taste of the cocoa definitely comes through, perhaps more than the malted milk.  I am glad that I finally tried these, as I wasn't sure what to expect.  I would say they aren't a cookie, more of a cake in mini form.  Hubbie thinks they'd be great with some nuts and some frosting.  Not a bad idea.

My little garden got planted today too....between the rain drops.  I`ve put two cherry tomato plants in the middle.  They're in the company of rosemary, oregano, chives and Italian parsley.  I also added some marigolds, as I hear they are supposed to help keep the bugs away.  (Hope that works!)


  1. Why did you have to mention maple and bacon madeleines?! Now I have to make those!

    Seriously, your madeleines look lovely! The honey corn muffins are one of my favorite Baked recipes ever.

  2. Your madeleines look wonderful! I thought the batter was way too thick after it sat for an hour...I thought I did something looked exactly like yours. Yours turned out really pretty! Love your cute little garden!

  3. These were a little "meh" in my opinion. But it may be because I used a muffin tin instead of a madeleine pan... Love your garden!

  4. Nice job, Sandra-- they're beautiful! And you are correct-- they are, in fact, tiny cakes rather than cookies. Wow, our batters look so different-- that always fascinates me. Mine was pretty thin until after it rested. Am I the only one who has trouble with malt powder clumping up?! By the way, I am totally impressed that you were able to make TWO additional recipes *and* clean up in that hour of rest. I can only dream of that kind of efficiency-- LOL! :)

  5. What fantastic Madeleines!

  6. I adore madelines, and never tried all chocolate ones. I will have to give these a try. I make ones with a light lemon taste. I do have a mix by Barefoot Contessa for coconut ones, but I haven't tried them yet. Thanks for sharing !!