Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cornmeal Griddle Cakes

Stoked for a Stack

Griddle cakes!!  Sign me up!  I loves me some griddle cakes.  And I think the addition of cornmeal will make them even better.  I love cornmeal muffins, so I'm pretty sure this is going to rock.
As per the Baked Boys, "It's like a fresh, hot, buttery, flat, crunchy corn muffin."  Ummm......Yes please!!!

Huh, I didn't realize I'd have to cook the cornmeal first.  Not that it really changes anything, I'm still making these griddle cakes.  I just thought it would be like making muffins.  Huh.  Fascinating, Captain.

I think I might be overly excited about these.  Remember my let down about those Lacy Panty (Pan)Cakes?  Yeah, that wasn't pretty.....though I did discover whiskey sauce and that was a very good thing!  I have high hopes for these griddle cakes.  High as the sky!  Who lives in a pineapple under the sea.....  (oh, oh, she's singing....all is lost.)

I could just be craving pancakes.  Hmm??  I have recently made the sour cream pancakes that Pioneer Woman shared on her site...and I gotta say, LOVE 'EM!!  I didn't think I'd ever like a pancake more than my Martha Stewart's Buttermilk Pancakes.  Let me be clear, nothing beats the buttermilk ones, but those sour cream pancakes are so light and have so little flour in them and are fast and easy to make.  I have enough (pancake) love for all of them.  I'm sure I can squeeze in some griddle cake love too.  (Look away!!)

Back to the Cornmeal Griddle Cakes.  I am going to (probably jinx myself but will still) say that these are going to be so good, I'll make them again and again and again. (And not just because I messed up my first, second and third batches of them.)  What?  When have I ever made a recipe more than once?  Shhh.

Cornmeal...goes from this.....

to this......
and finally to this.

Next the wet ingredients (other than the cornmeal) get beaten together.  (Baking:  Not for the faint of heart.)

Then, everything is combined and we have a lovely, golden looking batter.  It is a thick batter.  I think these are going to be some great fluffy griddle cakes. (Stay cool, Sandra....don't jinx it any more than you already have.)  I'm just so darn EXCITED!!!  I'm going to put myself in a time out, until I calm down.  No, no, that's the only way I'm going to learn.

Okay, the melting butter is having a calming influence on me. 

The batter has been spooned onto the griddle.  Don't they look wonderful?

Looks like this griddle cake is ready to get flipped.  I think they're all ready to flip it....flip it good!

My griddle cakes have been flipped.  Now to let them cook a little longer....and then it will be time to plate these babies. 

Beautiful!  Let's slow clap these griddle cakes over to the table and dig in!!

So Freaking Good!  I don't think I can say enough good things about these....but I will try.  The batter was so nice and thick.  The griddle cakes retained that big fluffy shape and were light in texture.  The addition of butter and maple syrup made the griddle cakes even better. 


I have saved the rest of the griddle cakes for tomorrow morning.  I am hoping I can heat them up and get that crispy exterior again. 

But right now, I gotta go and pay attention to someone who feels I've spent enough time in the kitchen.


  1. Wow...they looks really tasty! Gotta try these!

  2. My cornmeal cakes I made look nothing like yours. I want some of the ones you made.

  3. Looking at everyone else's batter is making me think I did something wrong -- my batter was quite thin and soupy; maybe that's the reason I didn't get very much rise out of my pancakes. Your final close-up photo of the griddle cake looks absolutely amazing!

  4. I want yours too! My batter was thin and so were my cakes. Still delicious, but I want mine to be big and fluffy like yours. Next time, less buttermilk.

  5. Beautiful!!! And I will have to try the sour cream pancakes from the pioneer woman..I am always on the hunt.

  6. These look so good! That last shot is great, it looks so fluffy! And your kitty .. so cute! (: xx
    gemma @

  7. My mouth is watering, the cake pics are amazing! Couldn't talk anyone into pancakes at night (lame), so I didn't make these this week, but they're definitely going into the arsenal now! :)

    1. Lame indeed! (heehee) I could eat pancakes/griddlecakes morning, noon and night!!! :)