Sunday, May 05, 2013

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Today's Baked Sunday Morning recipe is for homemade Hazelnut Spread. 

What we have here are hazelnuts....toasted.

 Hazelnut skins.

 Skinned hazelnuts.

 I have decided not to make this week's recipe  What?  What??  But the hazelnuts?  The skinned hazelnuts!!  Well, as I have a big jar of nutella in the cupboard I figured I'd skip this week's recipe.

Instead, I thought it would be a great opportunity to make those Nutella Scones (that I missed making as I joined this group late).  Yay, Nutella Scones!!!  Hence the toasting and skinning of hazelnuts.

I do like Nutella, but it isn't something I normally eat.  I just don't really think about it.  I believe this may be my 2nd jar of nutella that I've ever had in the house.  Probably a good thing, as I just took a spoonful out of the jar and damn.......this stuff is good. 

Nutella Scones you say?  Yep, these ain't your grandma's scones.   After mixing the dry and wet ingredients together, the dough is flattened into a rectangle and then a quarter cup of the nutella is poured onto the dough.  I heated the nutella so that it was pourable.
Then the recipe says to roll the dough into a cylinder....not an easy feat with scone dough.  But I struggled through and then turned that cylinder into a disk of dough.  (Trust me, you do not want to see that was messy.)

The disk of dough is put on the baking sheet.   Now it just needs to be made into 6-8 scones.  Please note, the recipe did not indicate scones were to be of equal size.  I like to call it freestyle cutting. (Don't judge!)

I went with 6 scones, probably should have made them into 8 smaller scones. 
Or made them into equal size scones.

And here are the scones fresh out of the oven.  Looking and smelling wonderful.  Just have to let them cool now, as they require one last embellishment.

They needed more nutella!!!!  This time, poured over the top.....yep over the top is a good way to describe these scones. 

And after consuming one, I realize I really, really should have made these into smaller scones.  These are crazy rich and not a scone you could eat regularly.  Hubbie said they are more like a dessert....and I can't disagree.  They were good.  And if you love hazelnuts, you will love these scones.  And if you love nutella....well what are you waiting for, make these scones!!!   Head over to Baked Sunday Mornings to search for the recipe and to see if I was the only one who went Rogue this week. 


  1. One of my favorite Baked recipes! They look fabulous and I wish I had one right now!

  2. I also made the scones. I feel like I always have to remember that a baked serving size is twice a normal serving size.

  3. I was surprised at how much I liked those scones - those were the very first recipe we made for Baked Sunday Mornings!

    They look absolutely delicious.

    1. Those look fantastic! I have extra hazelnuts to use up, maybe I'll try this recipe!

  4. I believe this was the first recipe I tried out of Explorations! Yummy, but I am a Nutella freak, so I wanted more Nutella in them! Lol...

  5. Those scones are soooo good! Yours look wonderful!

  6. Yum! Love it because I love Nutella.

  7. i missed those scones! i really need to go back and make them!