Sunday, April 28, 2013

Triple Rum Black Pepper Cake

Three Rights can make a Wrong

Triple the Rum equals triple the can totally quote me on that.

Triple the rum!  Shut the front door!  Yep, rum in the cake, rum in the syrup and rum in the drizzle.  I'm already beginning to swoon.  If I had a chaise lounge, I would be making use of it right now....while drinking something with rum in it (of course).  But since I'm not one to over react to things, I will carry on. (Silence from the Peanut Gallery.)

So yes, I am over the moon about the rum....but the black pepper....I just don't know about that.  I'm still going to make it....come on...triple rum!  I'm going to be using Sailor Jerry rum in this recipe.  It is a lovely spiced rum, with vanilla and toffee flavours.  It is yum, yum, yum. (That's good, tripled.)

Dry ingredients are always the best place to start (and not just because the instructions say so).
Got it...

Got it...
Want I?  Black Pepper??  Really??  Hmm?

Moving on to the wet ingredients.

Hey, Sailor.
Like so many recipes, the wet ingredients were blended together and then the dry ingredients mixed in.  The batter looks great and is smelling great.  After that it is just getting it into the bundt pan and then into the oven.  I think Billy Ocean was going to do the song, 'Get outta my bowl, get into my bundt pan', but foolishly went with 'Get outta my dreams, get into my car'.  True story....if your version of truth is totally made up. (Like mine.)

Get outta my bowl.

Get into my bundt pan.

Come here often, Sailor?

The aroma wafting out of the kitchen whilst this cake is baking is redonkulous!!!(Proper English, proper English, whaaaaat?)  It smells so damn good!!!  I cannot wait to try this. 

Time to make the syrup.

Now it's time to drizzle the syrup on the cake.  Did I mention there is rum in this syrup?

Made the drizzle/glaze....apparently in the dark. (By the looks of this pic.) 

In a better light, I drizzled the glaze onto the cake.  Lookin' good!


Time for the taste test.  I'm giddy with anticipation.....I mean really, triple the rum...nothing can be bad with that much rum in it!  Right??!!!

Wrong.  I didn't like it. (What a slap in the face.)  And neither did the hubbie.  Didn't care for the texture of the cake.  It was dense and kind of chewy (but not in a good way).  I think I could have overlooked the texture.  For me, it was the pepper.  Yep, I found the pepper unappealing.  Sure, I had misgivings about the pepper while I was grinding it.  But I soldiered on....believing in the end it would all work out and be good.  Wrong.

So Wrong.  Honestly, I didn't envision this ending.  I pictured me being all googly eyed over this triple rum cake.  Perhaps writing an epic poem to describe the journey, born from the basic ingredients to this awe inspiring cake.  Wrong.

If you are wondering how everyone else liked this cake, head over to Baked Sunday Mornings.


  1. So sad you didn't like it! I'd try it without the pepper before you write it off completely. I didn't mind it with the pepper, but I don't think it's necessary. And if you haven't had it, look for Cracken Rum... Dangerously delicious. ;)

    1. oh yeah, we know the Cracken. :o) It is one of our rums. Appleton's will always be my go to rum....with Sailor Jerry in a close second.

  2. disappointing! We loved this cake here. I must say, your cake looks really beautiful!

  3. What a bummer that you didn't like it -- your cake looks like it turned out perfectly! I have found myself in the minority of the Baked Sunday Mornings group (with regard to not liking a particular recipe) more than once, so I empathize!

  4. Aww what a shame that you didn't like it! It looks really good in the picture! But maybe try it without the pepper before you give up on this one? xxxx

    gemma @

  5. So sorry you didn't like this one. This made me laugh though "Triple the rum! Shut the front door!"

  6. Ditto everyone above-- bummer that you didn't like this one, especially given your love affair with rum!! I had the opposite experience-- didn't expect to love it because I'm not a big booze fan, but I loooooved it. I'm still thinking about it, in fact. (Sorry, not trying to rub it in.) I agree with Sarah-- maybe try making a couple of adjustments before writing it off. I would be really curious about using Malibu and toasted coconut, myself... Anyway, better luck next week!

  7. Sorry you had a disappointment in your cake. I love pepper, but not sure I can do it in a cake. I LOVE rum, so that would have been my reaction too. Heck, I made a chili on Sunday from America's Test Kitchen because it was called Tequila-lime turkey chili. Oh my...and it is delish! I saw tequila, and well, dinner was served.