Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things I still need in my life

Apparently melting marshmallows is still high on my list of needs. 

So here I go again...but this time with a different recipe.  This time, the rice crispy treat recipe comes from ShutterbeanThis one sounds de-li-ci-ous (extra syllables mandatory).

Are you ready for this??!!

Lemon-Ginger Crispy Treats.  I know!  I didn’t see this one coming either…..lemon-ginger??!!  Oh and there’s more.  The top is spread with white chocolate(infused with lemon and ginger).  Crazy, right?!  I'm giddy with excitement to try these crispy treats....one might say I'm snap, crackle and popping to start this recipe.  <groan> 


Melted Marshmallow goodness coming right up!

These are good.....really good.....
I had no idea, that when Life gave me Lemons, I could have been making Lemon-Ginger Crispy Treats!  Take that, Life!  Ha!  I’m kidding…..keep up the good work, Life. (I *heart* you.)

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  1. Nothing wrong with melting marshmallows! =D