Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Daily Prompt-Camping

BlogHer not CampHer

So today, I am going to use the daily prompt from BlogHer.  And here it is: Wednesday, April 3, 2013  Have you ever been camping? Tell us about a memorable trip.

The prompt made me giggle (a lot), because I'm NOT a camper.  Everyone knows my idea of roughing it is not having room service.  But, I did camp in my younger years....before I knew better.  I used to go camping when I was in Girl Guides and I would go camping with my family.  (I didn't know any better...honest)  And to be clear, when I think camping, I think of tents and sleeping bags.
The last time I went camping, was with my family when I was a teenager (a very long time ago).  But I'll always remember it.  I was in my teens and the idea of camping did not appeal to me.  I'm sure I would have rather been shopping with my friends.  But I was a teenager and there was no choice. (Insert pouty teen here.)   The first memory of that trip, that I'll never forget, is of our Jack Russell Terrier trying to jump out of the van when she saw a moose on the side of the road. (This was while the vehicle was in motion.)  I don't think she ever realized how small she was.  She was of the 'bite first ask questions later' group.

The biggest thing I remember about that weekend though, was what happened after we finally got the tent set up. 
My dad takes me aside (so my mom can't hear) and he says in a whisper, "don't tell your mother, but I just killed a big snake by the tent."  My mom was not a fan of snakes....that is putting it lightly.  And it wouldn't be a lie to say her fear became my fear.  But after my dad told me that, I stayed all cool and said, "oh yeah, no problem".  (cool as a cucumber)  Fast forward to the evening, and you'll find me sleeping in our van, with the windows up and the doors locked...yes, I was sure angry snakes would open the doors.  And that was the last time I went camping.  True story.


  1. I would've spent the night in the van too! I've never been camping, and I'm not sure I would like it.

  2. First of all, you were smart to lock the doors, snakes are wiley bastards. Second, your idea of roughing it is very similar to mine. My take on being forced to go camping