Monday, April 29, 2013

Mac-and-Cheese Style Cauliflower

Apparently, I can also post about vegetables.  Hmm.  What a novel idea.    Of course I eat veggies every day.....but to post about them seems strange.  But what the hay....let's venture off into the vegetable world.  I'll leave bread crumbs so I can find my way back from this new world.

I have been curious (veggie curious?) about this recipe for a while and I'm finally trying it today.  Mac-and-cheese style Cauliflower.  I love mac and cheese and I love cauliflower...but I would like to cut down on the carbs. And with this recipe, there is no macaroni! 

I've got a theory....if I cut down on the carbs I eat during meal times, perhaps all the baking I do will even out my carb intake.  (Sometimes a theory doesn't make any sense, except to the person voicing it.)  But if everyone could just nod in agreement that would be swell.  I believe it is okay to feed into a person's delusions theories.  (smile and nod)

Anyhoo, I found this recipe at Vegetarian Times.   They have a lot of great (if you haven't guessed by the name of the site) vegetarian dishes.  I recommend having a peek at the site if you are looking for some good vegetarian recipes.

The mac-and-cheese style cauliflower was quick to pull together for a week night dinner.  The recipe calls for Nutritional yeast.  I've used a lot of yeast in my baking life, but I have NEVER heard of this.  So a little research was necessary.  (I won't ruin the surprise if you'd like to look it up on your own or if you aren't a newbie to the vegetarian world like me and already know what it is, I won't bore you.)

Here is the finished dish.  The bread crumbs got nice and browned on top.  I think it looks lovely and creamy, just like a real dish of mac and cheese.

It tastes good too....even the hubbie agrees, but just to be clear, as hubbie says....'it isn't mac and cheese'.  But for a healthier version (if carbs are more of a concern than the fat in the cheese) then this is indeed a good substitute.  I recommend and I will definitely make it again.
And my blog didn't spontaneously combust for posting veggies rather than baking.  Miracles can happen!

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  1. Sounds great and thanks for the link to the vegetarian site. My daughter is Vegan so I may need to check that out!