Monday, April 08, 2013

Gardener wanna be...

Today's prompt for NaBloPoMo

Monday, April 8, 2013 Do you own a garden? What do you grow?

When I think of gardens, I think of vegetable my answer is no....and that is sort of surprising, as I was raised by parents who (for as long as I can remember) had gardens.  My mother was always canning her own vegetables.  And if they didn't grow it, she would go to local farmers to buy produce and prepare the produce for canning.  It was such a normal way of life and I never thought of it as strange.  But I now realize that not many of my friends had parents who were so dependent on the land.  (and weren't farmers) 

I do have flower gardens though....nothing grand.  Thankfully, the flower gardens were already in place when we moved to our house.  I like to believe I am a gardener.  Reality however doesn't always cooperate.  But one day; one day I will grow into a gardener. 

I can always count on my crocuses and daffodils to come back year after year.  I can't wait for them to show up again this year.   They are right now starting to pop out of the ground.  But these pictures remind me of the beauty that will dot my gardens each spring.


  1. Love the daffodil!

  2. Love the bulbs popping up! I have a few just coming up now as well. I used to have a full veggie garden on the side of my house. Loved it, but it was a ton of work. My late hubby worked nights so he did most of the hard work during the day before he went to work. I tried to keep it up after he passed (did it for 2 years after) but it became a "chore" so then it was not fun. I laid grass seed down after that. Last year I really missed my tomatoes and peppers and herbs, so I did them in large pots and it was GREAT and easy. So I am sure I will be doing the same this year. Nothing better than fresh herbs at my fingertips.