Sunday, March 10, 2013

Malted Milk Sandwich Cookies

Sammich Cookie

I realize there is only a teaspoon of rum in these cookies, but YAY, there's rum in it!!!  And I'm not this excited just because I'm having a rum drink right now. (please note I made these a few days ago....not this morning....we all know mornings are for coffee and baileys)  I am going to assume they mean white rum when they say 'light rum'.  I'm more of a dark rum fan, and I think a little dark rum might add a bit of caramel flavour to the filling....though to be fair, a teaspoon won't really add much of anything.  Oh, oh, I'm already feeling disappointed. 

Dry ingredients get mixed together.

I still had a jar of this from the last time we baked with it.   And I'm pretty sure it will remain in the cupboard until the next time we need to bake with it.  Not a huge fan of the drink....but I do enjoy it in baked goods.

And the rest of the usual (dry ingredient) suspects get added.

Moving on to the wet ingredients.
Is there anything better than butter and sugar.   Probably a lot of things....but when it comes to cookies nothing does it better.
Nobody does it better....makes me feel sad for the rest......
Sorry, I've been James Bond'ed here...hubbie got the box set and it has put all those lovely Bond songs in my head.
It could be worse....could be a Sharon, Lois & Bram song.
Skinnamarink e-dink e-dink, skinnamarink e-doo, I love you....

Fun Fact:  the KitchenAid mixer works way better when plugged in.   I knew I wasn't too old to learn something new.  SMRT!

And here are the rest of the wet ingredients; ready to be mixed with the butter and sugar.

Now we can add the dry to the wet and get ready to make some cookies!  Oh wait. We can make some cookies after the dough is chilled for a few hours.  Oh man!  But the dough smells and tastes so good...I don't wanna wait!

Have I mentioned I'm not so good with the waiting??  Did I also mention I made Croissants last weekend?  And there was A LOT of waiting in that venture.  (and crazily enough I'm thinking of making them again)

Oh well.  Here are my dough balls, ready for the fridge.  Hmm, one is definitely larger than the other...oh wait....I've just been told that's normal.  Carry on.

Decided to leave the dough in the fridge for a day or two.  Just got too busy and never found the time to get back to it.  But it was fine just chillin' in the fridge.
It was a little hard to roll out, so I had to let it warm up a bit before I could use the rolling pin on it.

But it rolled out great.  And I had no problems cutting out circles.  I used my linzer cookie cutter (without the cutout middles).

A quick (10 minute) bake in the oven produced some lovely looking cookies.  Now I just have to let them cool.  Luckily, I have to make the filling so the wait time isn't so bad.

These ingredients get blended together with some shortening and butter.   I went with the white rum, only because I saw it and forgot about trying a darker one.  It was a "hey, I do have white rum in the cupboard" moment.  Which then turned to a "why do I have white rum in the cupboard" moment.  Which then turned to a "because you were making mojitos with it...remember....your favourite summer rum drink" moment.  (I think someone needs a "timeout" moment.)  Or a quote free moment.  At this point I should really be doing a video blog and air quoting every few seconds.  And we'd look back on this as the "air quoting incident" of 2013.  Do you remember where you were when that happened?

So we're blending things together now to make the filling?

And we are left with a fluffy filling for these sandwich cookies.

Cookies have now been filled and are ready for their moment in front of the lens.
My new Kate Spade plate

I felt the filling was okay, but could it be more?
So for something a little different I added cocoa powder to the filling.  I feel my new plate is stealing the show.....isn't it gorgeous?!!  I saw it on a sale table at the Bay and just had to have it.  I do a lot of that now.  Umm a lot of what?  Buy a single plate or dish knowing I will use it in these blog posts.  (thank you for answering a question that was never asked) 

And now for something completely different, I added some Kahlua to the mix.


So, did I like these cookies?  I loved the cookies themselves.  The filling I'm kind of on the fence was okay but I think I want something different.  (just don't know what)  Would I add these to my regular cookie line up?  Probably not.  But I'm glad I tried them.



  1. I was definitely pumped about the rum in this recipe, but I couldn't taste it! Sade face. We'll just have to wait for the Triple Rum cake coming up from Elements for that (I made it and it's rum-tastic). Kudos on attempting croissants! Even the famous ones in Paris are usually made with a machine (saw it on the Travel Channel). ;)

  2. I love your scallop-edge cookie cutter. These are beautiful.

  3. I agree...the scallop-edge cookie cutter made very pretty cookies...I'll remember that for next time...and for us, that will be soon.

  4. It's too bad you didn't like these better because they look perfect! I did use Dark Rum. Hmmm...I'll bet the Kahlua was delicious!

  5. Darn I have the Skinnamarink song on the brain! Hehe! Your cookies are picture perfect.

  6. It's been awhile since I've baked. These look like a really fun idea!