Sunday, March 03, 2013

Honey Banana Poppy Seed Bread

Lets hear it for the Boys

Well who doesn't love a quick bread?  Who???  I want names!!!
I for one do enjoy a quick bread.  Both for the quickness of preparation and for the eating enjoyment. 
Now when I first saw we were making this bread, I had reservations.  Honey, Banana and Poppy Seeds???  All in one bread???  <insert look of doubt>  Really??  I don't think I've ever put honey and bananas together.  And I most certainly haven't put poppy seeds with bananas. 

But you know what? I'm going to move forward and start this recipe. Far be it from me to doubt the madness brilliance of the Baked Boys. I <heart> you. 
The only thing I'm going to change about this recipe, is the vegetable oil.  I recently purchased my first jar of coconut oil.  I know this isn't a new thing, but it is new to me. 

 Yep, looks like oil in the back there.
We've replaced Sandra's regular vegetable oil with coconut oil....let's look on and see how it goes. (for my friends who played the game 'Things' with me, imagine me using my announcer voice here)

This is a pretty easy recipe.  Just need to mix the wet ingredients together in one bowl and then the dry ingredients into another bowl.

Butter up a loaf pan (hey, you're looking good) and then dust with some flour.

Poppy seeds waiting to be added
Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and then add the wet ingredients.

My well over floweth

After the wet and dry has been incorporated, throw in the poppy seeds.  Yep, I did it. 

Poppy seeds...NOT pepper

And now just pour this odd mixture into the loaf pan.  (still looking good there, loaf pan)

Pop this into a 350 degree oven for an hour, and Bob's your Uncle.  And if he's not, well it was the 60's your folks lived a crazy life. (and we'll leave it at that)  Awkward.  But not nearly as awkward as putting poppy seeds into a banana bread.  My awkward meter may be broken.

It has been an hour and this banana bread is smelling awesome!!  But it looks like it will need that extra 10 minutes.  I love the smell of banana bread in the morning.

Okay, it is now out of the oven and looking delicious. 

I shall now pray to the kitchen gods to let this bread taste as good as it smells.....even though it has both honey and poppy seeds in it.  (reservations for two, please)

The instructions say to let this cool completely once out of the pan.   That sounds like a long time....or is it?
How long is 'cool completely'?  Would I not need to cut into the bread to see if it was indeed completely cooled?  And what if when I cut into it, I noticed that it wasn't completely cooled?  What then?  hmm?

The bread has cooled sufficiently.  And I am cutting into it.  Still feeling a little anxious about those strange additions of honey and poppy seeds. 

Well it would appear that my worrying was all for naught.  This is one good banana bread!  I don't taste the honey, but those poppy seeds do add a wonderful crunch to the bread. 
Bravo Baked Boys....Bravo.

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  1. I agree! It was delicious. Yours looks very tempting!

  2. Looks awesome! Could you taste the coconut oil in the bread?

    1. No taste to it. Just like using regular oil in a recipe. And supposedly a healthier kind of oil to use.

    2. Nice! I was "taking" coconut oil for the health benefits, but it was making me sick to my stomach, so I gave it away... Lol. May have to get some more to try it out baking. :)

  3. I used coconut oil also! It was good! Yours looks beautiful!

  4. That's one great looking loaf! Looks perfect! I purchased coconut oil, but keep forgetting to use it...good to see that it worked well in this recipe.

  5. Nice work, Sandra! I was curious about the poppy seeds too-- and also delighted once I tasted it! Your finished bread looks beautiful. :)

  6. I love how you used coconut oil! I'll have to try adding that to my next loaf!