Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lacy Panty Cakes with Whiskey Sauce

Flippin' and a Floppin'

Well this is certainly an interesting name for a cake.  I have a feeling hubbie is going to be pretty disappointed when he finds out my talk of lacy panties is food related.  Better be a damn good cake!

There is whiskey sauce, so that sounds good.  Wonder if the whiskey sauce would be good on pancakes.  What?  It's a valid question.  Remember that yummy rum sauce we made for the Bananas foster fritters?  Now that would have been good on pancakes.  (note to self: make more rum sauce)  Those were good fritters to dip in that rum sauce.  But those fritters also make me think of doughnuts...making doughnuts.  I saw this recipe for baked doughnuts on Shutterbean.  If I'm honest, the espresso glaze is what first caught my attention.  And if I must be honest again, the doughnut pan also got my attention....a doughnut pan is so darn cute!!  And yes, I need to buy myself one.  I know they won't taste like a true fried doughnut, but did you see how cute the pan is!!  And did you see that espresso glaze!  I'm not going to become a maker of doughnuts, I still have a love for SuzyQ doughnuts.  I just think that recipe is interesting.

Hold on, hold on.....what are we making this week?  Cake.  Focus.  Cake.

or bake with it....

This might be a good time for me to actually look at the recipe and see what it is all about.  I'm a little intrigued<concerned> by the name of this cake.  What the heck does a cake with this name look like?

But first, I need to pick out an apron for this Lacy Panty Party.  It is a wee bit chilly, so I think I'll go with this one today. 

So I've just perused the recipe for Lacy Panty Cakes.  Colour me disappointed.  It isn't a cake at all!!! Instead it is pancakes with the whiskey sauce.  Oh sure, I did ask earlier if this sauce would be good on pancakes.  But that's not the point!  Hmpf.  I was expecting cake!  Plus, I was looking forward to using my little cake pans.  Yes, I thought the plural of cake in the name meant tiny cakes.

There may be a slight delay in the making of these pancakes due to a pouting spell.  And just because cake is in the word pancake that does NOT make it a cake!  Oh, oh.  Somebody is grumpy.

Okay, I had a chat with pancake bunny, we're all good.  I think I can start this pancake recipe now.  I will pine for cake on my own time. (PS-I'm making a cake this coming week for Tuesday's with Dorie)

First step in making these pancakes is to make the whiskey sauce. 

Melt the butter and brown sugar.  Love the smell of those two ingredients melting on the stove a pot.  Not actually on the stove top.  Really isn't nice when it melts/burns on the stove top or drips in the oven......ugh so messy when that happens....but I digress.

Swirling the whiskey into the mix.

And finally, the cream gets added and the sauce gets cooked down for about 5 minutes.

Here is the finished product: Whiskey Sauce.  At this point, I would say (inside my head....not out loud) that this is drinkable.

The ingredients for the pancakes are waiting patiently to mix it up. 

The dry ingredients got together and became one.  Just waiting for the eggs to break into the scene.  Just like 'West Side Story', the eggs are going to come onto the scene snapping their fingers and by fingers I mean shells and by snapping, I mean cracking.

Cracked, whisked and ready to rock the dry ingredient's world. 

No rocking allowed.....just a gentle combining. 

Lastly, the sour cream and whiskey get added.

And here is the batter ready to go.

My first round of pancakes.....and GO!
Butter melting.  So far so good.

Batter gets scooped onto griddle....still looking good.

This just in...... Armageddon!!!!!  A FLIPPING DISASTER!!!!

I think the graham cracker crumbs in the mixture makes these pancakes too loose.  It just seems like there wasn't enough body to them, which made the flipping of the pancakes nearly impossible. (at least at the 1/4 cup size)  Unless they were supposed to be more crepe like???

 Pancakes take two.

This time much smaller pancakes
Flipping accomplished
Lovely and bubbly
The final product looks pretty good.

I loved the whiskey sauce.  Really loved it.  The pancakes though......they were okay.  Not something I would make again.  Did I mention there are graham cracker crumbs in the mixture?  It made for an interesting taste.  But not a taste I want in a pancake.
Hubbie quote--"They weren't disgusting, but not that appealing....they wouldn't make me come back for more."

Check out everyone else's posts at Baked Sunday Mornings.  Perhaps they had better luck with these pancakes than me.

To be fair, we are purist when it comes to pancakes.  We have yet to find a pancake recipe that tops Martha Stewart's Buttermilk pancakes.  These are truly the best pancakes I've ever made.


  1. Sounds like we had similar experiences, except smaller pancakes didn't get me anywhere with my "flipping disaster"! :)

  2. Great "process" pictures. Good to hear all the different opinions on these- I have yet to try them They certainly look good in your pictures!

  3. Sorry you didn't love the pancakes, but they look great -- your little pancakes are so cute and very pretty! And I thought the whiskey sauce was quite addictive, yum!

  4. "Flipping disaster"... Lol. I'm gonna have to try Martha's recipe now! :)

  5. Great name for pancakes! Love the kitty spatula.

  6. lol @ "they weren't disgusting..." that's not the kind of reaction you aim for when making pancakes!

  7. I had a little trouble flipping them, too, but mastered it in the end. We really liked these, but we loved the sauce!

  8. your posts! I had the same flipping disaster on my first try too! Cure pancake bunny! Hahaha!