Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunday Night Cake

Tap out

Yep, I'm ready for a cake.  But let's ease into cake making again with this Sunday Night Cake.  Just a one layer cake and it's square.  Wait a minute!  No layers?  Square?  What the? 

This seems like a cake my mom would have whipped up for a Sunday night dinner.  No layers, just served in the cake pan with a simple frosting.  Yes, this takes me back....  This cake is making me feel old timey.  (or should I say child like)  Memories of being a kid and seeing that cake being baked and stealing licks of the frosting.  Or even better, getting to lick the beaters after the cake batter was made.  (simple pleasures of childhood)  :o)  And it was generally just a boxed cake mix.  But that didn't matter as a kid.  Cake is cake after all.

I'm not sure why, but I really feel odd about making a square cake.  I know, it is only a different shape of pan.  But it just seems so alien to me.  (and not just because my cake pan cabinet is overflowing with round cake pans)  Do I even have a square cake pan?  I know I have glass ones, but I don't think I actually own a metal 9 inch square cake pan.   Does this mean I have to go out and buy one?   Hold the phone....I got some cute mini spring form pans and mini bundt pans from the hubbie for Christmas...idea forming......the need to buy something new going on back burner.....

So I started writing this post last Sunday, after I posted the lemon pistachio cornmeal muffin post.  I was feeling pumped to get right into another recipe.  But I still had an Apple Tart to make for Tuesdays with Dorie.  And the whole pan dilemma was still weighing on me.    So I put it off. 

Yes, square versus round is a serious thing one I must ponder. 

Okay, it wasn't so much a ponder as it was a weather thing.  I was going to go out and buy a square pan....'cause you spin me right round baby right round?'s hip to be square?  <what??>  No.  It was the weather.  It was so freakin' cold (wind chill is not my friend).  So I stayed in the office during my lunch hour on both Monday and Tuesday. 
I should probably mention that there is this cold/flu/demon illness floating around our office/city/country.  And I should also mention that some people still feel the need to come into work everyday when they're sick.  Really?  Really? 
 Guess I should also mention that I have asthma.  Now that doesn't mean I'm more susceptible to getting a cold, rather that when I get a cold chances are it's going to mess with my asthma.
Wow, pretty long winded for someone who can't breathe through her nose. 
All this to say that I'm sick and have been at home for the past three days from work.  And there has been no activity in the kitchen.....or anywhere else for that matter......

My hubbie has been making all the meals and taking care of me.  Oh sure I'm a treat, and who wouldn't want to be around a mouth breathing, mucous producing, lung hacking up person like me?!  Love you honey.  I'm going to be isn't pretty....and by 'it' I mean me.  And I know everyone who knows me will find this hard to believe, but I'm kinda whiny when I'm sick.

It is now Saturday and each day I have been feeling worse than the last.  (today being no different)
So I can't bake this cake......

I gotta tap out......this cold/flu/demon illness is kicking my butt.  Honey, it's up to you now.  You gotta get into the ring and make this cake.  I will do a running commentary from the couch.

Yep, we gotta keep this contagion within this house. 

I'll just be over here keepin' pretty.  I'm pretty, right hon?  Oh great, ya had to get the pic of me breathing through my mouth....sigh. 

Okay, so I am going to talk the hubbie through this recipe.  And I'll take some photos from a distance.

Parchment paper being cut for bottom of pan.  Huh, he folded it in half and then cut a circle.....that seems like a smart thing to do....huh....

Ingredients at the ready...

Butter and sugars getting all mixed up and fluffy...

Eggs added one at a time....he had his doubts but he totally rocked at adding one egg at a time without the other eggs following.

Flour and sour cream added in 3 parts.
First you add the flour....

Then you add the sour cream.....and then the flour and then the sour cream and then...yeah flour.

Hubbie is doing such a good job!  I wonder if I'll be able to talk him into this again. 

Batter up....and into the pan.  Yes, we are using a 9 inch round pan.  I didn't want him to use the mini pans.....'cause ummm.... I wanna to be the one to use them first!  (just a smidge whiny there) 

And into the oven for 35 minutes......

Okay, it has been 35 minutes and it is still way jiggly in the middle.  Another 8 minutes added on.
And another 5 minutes added after that.  I always seem to need more time when it comes to baking....why is that?  And another 8 minutes added.  sheesh.

Frosting is next.  Starting with some good chocolate. 

Looks like somebody likes my chocolate chopper thingy.

Heating it up to a pudding like consistency.  Looking good honey.

Chocolate mixture needs to cool off.  A few minutes in the mixer should do the trick.  And then the butter gets added.
Now lets get this frosting on the cake!!!

Oh yeah, baby....get that frosting on there. 
Sorry, I have to live vicariously through my hubbie as I am not able to touch anything.

The cake looks great!  My guy did a fantastic job.  Unfortunately I can't taste it.  Oh I ate a piece, I just literally can't taste anything due to this cold/flu/demon illness.  But it looks good and I've been told it tastes good and that the frosting is very chocolatey.  Sigh....I sure do wish I could taste it.

Saturday night's alright for a Sunday Night Cake.


  1. I hope you're feeling better! I forgot to mention that we needed extra baking time, too.

  2. Power to the hubby! The cake looks like it came out great! Certainly do hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Feel better! And your hubby is awesome for pinch hitting for you.

  4. Hubby did a great job...I'm impressed. Hope you're feeling better!!! I also found that this cake took forever to bake. I made individual sizes as well as a cake with 2X the first I thought it was just my big family size cake that was taking so long to get "done," but the small cakes took a long time too. Glad it was not just me.

  5. By the way...your posts are so fun to creative.

  6. I love that you delegated! And he did a great job. I think I like his round cake much better than my square one.

    Hope you feel better soon! I'm just about over the devil spawn goo that invaded my body a couple of weeks ago.

  7. I hope you feel better soon! I was right there with you a couple of weeks ago, flu season is the worst. Your husband was so sweet to make this cake for you! Looks like it came out great!

  8. Okay, so I just had a piece of cake tonight and I am able to actually taste it!! I can taste the cinnamon in the cake. (hubbie says the cinnamon is more pronounced today) And I think the frosting is super chocolatey. I bet it would be good if the cake had orange zest in it to compliment the chocolate frosting!

  9. that chocolate frosting looks really interesting... i couldn't justify making a snacking cake this week so i skipped it, but might have to come back to it one of these days, if only for the frosting.

  10. Woohoo! Sunday night cake! Btw, I love that Bobby Hill picture!

  11. Well bless your hubby's heart! What a great guy and it looks like he did a great job! Hope you are feeling 100% soon! Cute post!

  12. The cake looks great! Glad you're starting to feel better... It's going around everywhere!