Sunday, January 06, 2013

Malted Milk Chocolate Pots de Creme

 Keep your eye on the (malted milk) ball

Can I just say, I am sooooooooo looking forward to this recipe. (yes, I tend to say this a lot) It is a nice break from all the Christmas cookies and cakes. And truly, the recipe just sounds heavenly. I'm not sure if I have the right size ramekins or even enough. But I know for a fact that I am going to use the two red cocottes that I used back during our Grit making days. I can totally envision them filled with the custard. Mmm. Hopefully I will find some other ramekins to use for the rest of the creme. 

Mmmmmm.....milk chocolate.  I am hoping that my favourite kitchen place (Grace in the Kitchen) has the Callebaut Milk Chocolate in stock again.  That is just the best milk chocolate I have ever used.  And I think it would be perfect for this recipe. 
Well, they didn't have the blocks.  But did have the feves of chocolate by Valrhona (love their chocolate too).  I've never used those before.  They look very cute.  I'm so pleased these were pointed out to me, as I wouldn't have realized they were an option.  (another reason I love this store!)
It is truly my favourite store to go and find things I need for the kitchen.  If you live in Ottawa, Ontario, and haven't been to Grace in the Kitchen, then you should run not walk to the store right now!!!  (But put on some gloves it is chilly out there.....and a hat....umm you're not going anywhere until you zip that jacket up!)  The store is like Williams-Sonoma, but better.......because it is in my hometown!!  Of course when I go to the States, I do visit Williams-Sonoma.  I have a lot of love for that store too!  And I can't wait to go again, now that the Baked boys have their own bakeware available!

Okay, what are we doing here?  Oh yes, making the pots de creme.  Need to focus on the recipe at hand now. (must stop thinking about going shopping)  Focusing is hard.

Sooooo, Malted Milk Chocolate Pots de Creme........
I like Malted Milk Balls (whoopers and maltesers) but I'm not sure about malted milk powder.  All I could find here (in Canada) is Ovaltine.  I know that we used to have this as kids.  And I don't think I liked it. (hence Katy Perry not singing about Malted Milk)

But hey, let's not push the panic button.   Perhaps my tastes have matured and maybe I'll like malted milk powder now.  Finger will remain hovering over panic button.

Just had to show off my new aprons (from Grace in the Kitchen)  Love them!

Am focusing on the recipe now. Promise!
See!  Focusing is hard.  I'm feeling a little (and by a little I mean a lot) sleep deprived.  Went for my Sleep Study overnight at the hospital.  Now how may I ask can one study my sleep when I'm in a hospital hooked up to a gazillion (and by a gazillion I may mean 15) sensors and electrodes....sleeping in a strange room....and on an uncomfortable bed?????
And hey, what's that holding the electrodes and sensors in place?  Glue?!?!  Did I mention I was at the hair dressers hours before this??  Glue in my freshly chopped and styled do??  All that to say, focusing on one thing might be a challenge today.

Simple, simple recipe.  Not a whole lot of ingredients.  I like that. <yawn>

The cream and malted milk are heating up.  This will melt the milk chocolate soon.

The milk chocolate successfully melted with the hot cream and malted milk.
Would it be wrong to just drink this now and claim I didn't have time to make the recipe?  I'm just asking for a friend.....yeah.

Ooooo, an action shot.  Yes, my action involves pouring the milk chocolate mixture into the egg mixture.  (which I should be whisking and not clicking pictures)

A few good eggs went into the making of that egg mixture, so I better get back to whisking.

After that, I just had to pour the mixture into my ramekins.

  For the ramekins, I decided against my cute little cocettes, as they were much too big. (Goldilocks agrees that these ramekins were just right)

 The finished product looks lovely and tastes even better. Though I think the next time, I'd try dark chocolate.

Please note:  No Maltesers were harmed in the making of this recipe.....I ate each one with care.


  1. Looks great! I loved these with milk chocolate but my usually pots de creme recipe calls for dark and I love those as well.

  2. fun post! I also want to try dark chocolate...just to compare and just because I love dark chocolate. And...maybe you have hit on why these were such a hit for me...I've had so many cookies, so much candy and cake...this recipe was a lovely change!

  3. Ah, I am also so easily distracted by kitchenware stores! Love all of the process photos, your custards look lovely!

  4. glad you enjoyed this one! i've been wanting to go to grace in the kitchen for a while, but it seems they are always advertising boring stuff like knives... is there cool baking stuff? i'll have to get my butt in gear and find an excuse to go this month

    1. Honestly, it is like going into a Williams-Sonoma store. I really do love it. They have so many great products. They also have a cheese section and a coffee bar with a great selection of treats.

  5. Love your aprons, sounds like Grace is an amazing store! Really enjoy your step by step photos, great post!

  6. Your blogs crack me up! I definitely recommend dark chocolate if/when you make these again. :)

  7. I try to avoid kitchen gadget stores = they are too addicting! Love these - they're perfect with the crushed balls. I agree with others - milk was good but dark would be better - even with the malt. Nicely done!

  8. I love reading your blog. It is so much fun! I love the way yours looks and I'm glad you enjoyed them.

  9. Love the panic button! Which is what I was doing when I realized I didn't have nice chocolate. It worked great with Hersheys too. I laugh again while reading your post...none of my chocolate was harmed in the making of my dessert either!

  10. How fun to use malted chocolates! Yum!

  11. Nice work, Sandra! Your pots de creme look fantastic-- glad you liked them. Also good to know that you eat your candy humanely. ;-) Sorry to hear about the sleep problems though!