Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lemon Pistachio Cornmeal Muffins

Do you know the Muffin Man?

I love lemons, I love Pistachios and I love cornmeal.  Bring them altogether into a muffin and well Sir, I think we have a winner!
And I am (dare I say it) looking forward to making these muffins.  I know, I know, I'm like a broken record.  I just want to believe that all the recipes are good and I'll love them and there will be peace on earth.  (okay, maybe I'm asking a smidge too much)  But just a smidge! 

Now that I've read the Baked Note for this recipe, it is imperative for these muffins to turn out.
Let me just share here the Baked note (verbatim).

Baked Note:  How do you improve upon a muffin?  We once watched, mouths agape, as a line cook sliced a large(head-of-cabbage size) muffin vertically, then basically pan-fried it (cut side down) in some browned butter for about 30 seconds.  Should you do this to every muffin?  Maybe.  Should you do this to our Lemon Pistachio Cornmeal Muffin?  Absolutely!

Come on!  I need this recipe to work out, so that I can do that to a muffin.  Who knew you could do that to a muffin??!!!  Part of me says, 'hey, you're way too excited about this'.  To that, the other part of me says, 'oh yeah?'  (Okay, that part doesn't have great comebacks) 

First, let me start with the tedium of shelling pistachios.  Yes, I know I can buy already shelled pistachios. (thank you for pointing that know who you are)

But I already have this bag of pistachios.  And besides, if I bought them already shelled I'd miss out on the satisfaction that comes with shelling my, not really.

Ingredients are at the ready. 

I am so not pulling out my food processor to chop up a few pistaschios......she says before she reads the rest of the instructions that then say to put aside a quarter cup of the chopped pistachios and then process the rest until they are a powder but not superfine.  Note to self:  read all the recipe's instructions before starting recipe.

Here's my food processor silently mocking me.  Or not so silently.  I'm pretty sure it just called me a loser!  And just for that, I'm chopping the rest of the pistachios to a powder, by hand. Hmpf!! I'll show that food processor!

Think I'll just move on to zesting.  My zester has never offended nor judged me.  Though it has scraped my knuckles a few times.  Am I the only one this happens to?  Is there a right and wrong way to zest?

Wet ingredients mixed up and ready to go.  This pic doesn't really show it, but this mixture is such a pretty yellow.  One might say lemony yellow.

So I folded the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.  There's no picture of this, but it truly did happen. (honest)  I was just a little thrown by the batter, as it seemed really thick.  And the worry was compounded, when I read the instructions and it said to tap the pan on the counter to level out the batter once the muffin tin is filled....umm my batter is way too thick and doesn't move.  Did I put in too much flour?  

Batter up

Scooped the thick batter into the muffin tin and added the chopped (by hand) pistachios.  I really think the chopped by hand pistachios add more to these muffins.  Or I need to believe that.  (same thing!)

 Well, I think thick batter or not, these muffins turned out great.  At least they look great.

Am I going to have to make this recipe again to see if perhaps I did add too much flour? Does a bear sit in the woods? (only if he's taking a.....)

I did try the Baked note. (and cannot recommend it enough)

This is your muffin......

 This is butter browning.

And this is your muffin browned in said butter........any questions?

One question remains.  Did I make the muffins again?  Yes, yes I did.  I had to!  And did I chop the pistachios by hand again.

No, no she didn't!  

So I wondered if perhaps I had added too much flour to my first batch (because the batter was so thick).  Well, this time I measured carefully and even added a bit more sour cream and lemon juice and the batter was still really thick.  I guess it is just a thick batter.  No matter, these muffins were delicious.  They were great as is, and even better in the browned butter.  This is a recipe I will make often.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with the muffin man.

But before I go...

Things you should do:


  1. frying a muffin in brown butter?! yes please! i skipped this one, but really enjoyed your post! glad you liked these!

  2. I shelled pistachios by hand too (well my husband did for me :) I really liked these too, I bet the browned butter was amazing!

  3. Things you should do? Eat these muffins they were delicious :-)

  4. And just when I thought these muffins couldn't get any better! We will definitely make these again!

  5. Fun post! I'm so glad the Baked Boys dream up good things for all of us...we love this flavor combo too.

  6. I guess I'll just have to make these again and do the butter thing! It looks so delicious!

  7. My batter was super thick too but that's what I expect from a corn muffin so I wasn't worried. I loved this flavor combination too!

  8. Oh my! I want one of those muffins in the brown butter! Looks so yummy! I love these too!

  9. I love finding new recipes using cornmeal. These look great!

  10. How did I not notice the note about the brown butter? I must try it! I added a small bit of milk to my batter since worrisomely thick and they turned out well.

  11. I thought I had added too much flour too! And P.S. I have caught my fingernail(s) in my zester before and had to start over. Maybe we're just (over) zealous zesters...? ;)

  12. I did one in browned butter too, our boys are so smart! It was delish! :)