Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bananas Foster Fritters

Fry No More

There is a chill of foreboding in the air.  Not sure about this at all.  The Raven is tap, tap, tapping at my door.....did it just say Nevermore?

The Baked boys say (in the Baked Notes) to not be afraid of frying.  But I am.  I'm not a fryer.  I don't fry.  A pot of oil on the stove is just an invitation to burnt food.  Also, it stinks up the house and the smell seems to linger(forever).  It isn't that I don't like fried foods.  No, no.  I will eat fried foods.

I have never tried frying donuts or fritters.  To be honest, I've never been a big fan of donuts, but that might just be because I've only ever had donuts from the big chain places like Tim Hortons.  But that all changed, once I tried donuts from Suzy Q.  I realized what I've been missing. These are truly the best donuts I've ever had.(Like ever, like for sure)  Check out Suzy Q's if you live in the Ottawa area!!  Please note that as I write this, I am also eating my lunch....which consists of a donuts are looking real good right now!

I have everything needed to get started with this recipe.  Well everything except a brave heart.  I think I lost that on the way to the kitchen.  I can do this!  I have a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature of the oil and a new stove that is perhaps going to help with regulating the temperature.  I am NOT going to burn the fritters.  (not to ruin the surprise, but there are photos of burnt fritters.....sigh)

Perhaps I could start a new thing: Burnt Bananas Foster Fritters. I'm sure that could catch on. The Baked boys are free to use this idea in their shop. (and no need to credit me whatsoever....I know, I'm a giver)

Well, it looks like the heavy cream (whipping cream here in Canada) was just too cool to show up to the photo shoot. (or I forgot it)  Hard to say.  Moving on now.

Luckily I remembered it in time to make the rum sauce!

It is a pretty easy recipe to put together.

The rum sauce needs to be made first.  But which Rum to go with.  It is so hard to pick a favourite, as I love them all.

I did not release the Kraken!  (as much as I love saying that, it wasn't the rum of choice)  Sorry little buddy, you'll get your chance.....I have a glass filled with ice just waiting for the right rum to come along.  Hey Sailor......
I decided on the Sailor Jerry Rum, as the caramel flavours in the rum would go so well with the banana fritters.  And I used vanilla extract, rather than banana liqueur.  I find the liqueur kind of overpowers things and I don't want the rum to be overpowered by banana. (that would be a sin)

The Baked boys say the rum sauce is good on pancakes and french toast.....I the Baked boys even more now......Rum for Breakfast?!  Sign me up!!!  Whaaaa?  Who said that!?

 Dry ingredients go together.

And here I am playing with my food. (the Baked boys say to do this, to get the brown sugar lumps out)

They also say to mash up the bananas with my hands or heavy spoon.

 I went hands on.  Mushy job.

So now that everything is together, I just need to put it in the fridge to cool down while my oil heats up.  (fingers crossed.....smoke alarm awaiting the inevitable....)

While my oil heated up and my dough chilled, I made the cinnamon sugar.

 Oh, and I'm going with the cat apron today.
This was a christmas present from a friend.  The same friend that also gave me the bottle of Sailor Jerry.  It seems she knows what I love. (think I'll keep her)  :o)

Yes, I am stalling.  I don't want to fry.  I really don't.  Have I mentioned I don't like frying??

And here is my first example of why I don't like frying.  Burnt on the outside and not cooked on the inside!  375 degrees seems really high and this is what happens when I fry that high.  Though I think the temperature may have gotten out of control. 

So I turned the temperature down and seemed to have better luck with frying.  But not before the hubbie felt like he was being smoked out of the house.  At that point, I did have to open a door and window.  But the smoke alarm didn't go off!!  So surely I'm getting better at this frying thing!<shrug>

Fritters are a little dark.<pout>

I loved everything about this recipe....everything except frying.  If someone were to make them for me, I'd be a happy gal.  But for me, I wouldn't attempt to fry again.  Well, perhaps when the weather warms up, I could move the whole process outside.  That might be an option.  Will ponder that.

I don't think the Raven was saying Nevermore....or even definitely sounded like Fry-no-more.......
I will heed the Raven's advise....and fry-no-more.....or not....still pondering that.

Okay, so I may or may not have gone out and bought a deep fryer.

And I may or may not have taken it out to the garage and filled it up with oil and turned it on. (after I washed it in warm soapy water of course)

Oh!  This is how fritters are supposed to look!
And then things (fritters to be exact) may or may not have been deep fried.

T'is all true.  But the Raven taunted me!  And perhaps there was a smidge of obsessing for a week after I made my first batch of burnt well done fritters. 
This time I fried the fritters at 350 degrees and that seemed a much more manageable temperature.  And doing it in the garage helped keep the smell of frying out of my house!  I am so smart...SMRT!

Here they are all fried up now.  And yes, they were good.  But again, how could anything be bad with that rum sauce?!  I might just have to try that sauce on pancakes one morning.


  1. I always think about buying a deep fryer, but then I don't. We always had them growing up, but I worry that it would be an invitation to fry more foods...

  2. You're hilarious, as always! :)

    I have a deep fryer too - maybe that same one? But I never drag it out, I seem to always just use a heavy cast iron pan and a thermometer. I just read something that a bowl of white vinegar in the kitchen will absorb odors? Sounds weird and I haven't tried it but I'm curious.

    Yours look terrific, and I agree, rum sauce morning noon and night!

    1. Sheri, I read that about vinegar too-- I tried it once, and it didn't do JACK... :(

  3. I actually have a deep fryer, but too lazy to clean it, so i never use it... and i ended up with burnt fritters... and to say i was laughing at the baked boys when they wrote not to burn the fritters...

  4. They turned out perfectly in the end! And, I am so obsessed with that sauce!

  5. I wish I had a garage to fry in! I live in an apartment and frying is always a smelly issue! Glad they came out so nicely in the end!

  6. Your ending photo makes me want MORE...NOW! I had a few laughs reading your sorry about the burned fritters, but so great you got a frier and so great you can go to the garage! Good job!

  7. That's it! You put it in online so it must be true - you're keeping me!! :)

    (Oh and the fritters looked amazing - but this is really all about me isn't it?)

  8. Your fritters look amazing! I had never heard of Tim Horton's until yesterday, and know I've heard them mentioned twice in less than 24 hours.

  9. I am so jealous of your new machine and your Poe..I mean post. I got a donut cookbook for Christmas and am afraid! But this recipe was great! I loved them.

  10. Great post, as always! I'm a fellow scaredy cat when it comes to frying... even with a thermometer, I couldn't trust it and rightly so! My first few fritters came out burnt. Lowered the temp and that seemed to do the trick. I have a lot on my kitchen gadget/appliance list and weirdly enough deep fryer is not on it... perhaps you've convinced me :)

  11. Love the little heart-shaped dipping sauce bowl!

  12. Loved your post, Sandra-- hilarious! :) I, too, am very intimidated by frying. Like a few people have said, I have a deep fryer... but never use it. Mine came out well using a frying pan, but it was such a pain, so I'm leaning towards using the deep fryer next time. I'm so glad you tried these again-- it's good to know I'm not the only one who may or may not occasionally go out and buy specialty appliances for a specific recipe... ;-)