Sunday, December 02, 2012

Wet Dog?

This takes me back to my yout.  (sorry, had a My Cousin Vinnie moment)
I just remember being a kid--yes I can remember back that far!  I think every mother probably started off their children`s baking experience with a no bake item.  But it sure made me feel like a baker.  :o)  And I think I even took them to school.  Yes, when peanuts were allowed in school.  (that long ago) 

I'm wondering if I will still find no-bake cookies as appealing.  To be honest, it doesn't seem appealing right now.  But who knows, maybe the taste will take me back in a time when I thought these were the bees knees.  Though I'm thinking my no-bake cookies had corn flakes or some other cereal (other than oatmeal) in them. 

I dare say this is another recipe that I actually(I think) have all the ingredients already and don't have to go the grocery store.  Joy!!  It is such a treat when this happens. 

Yep, I've got all the ingredients on hand.  This is going to be one simple recipe to do.  And today simple is good.

"What are you making; smells like wet dog", says my husband.  Is he talking to me?

What?  A dog?  Nap later.

 Must be talking to me, I'm the only one here...other than the cats. 

What the?  How does melting butter, milk, sugar
and cocoa powder smell like wet dog? 

What the H-E-double hockey sticks!
Excuse me, I have something  someone to post on ebay right now. 

Okay, let's focus on the baking.  After everything is melted, just need to add the peanut butter, oatmeal and vanilla.  Hey, wouldn't coconut be great added to this. (will have to try that next time)

This is a seriously easy cookie to make.

Would I add them to my cookie reportorie?  Probably not.  But it was fun to make something from my yout.

And as for that hubbie of mine......What say he?
"Doesn't taste like dog....wet or otherwise." (I know, how is he not a professional food reviewer) :oP

I guess that's a glowing review, as we also had them with our coffee the next morning.  Sorry ladies.....he's all mine.  (hey, he makes good coffee)  ;o)


  1. Enjoyed your post. I remember my mom making these with those fried Chinese chow mien noodles too. I loved them any way I could get them...and yes, I also remember the corn flake version.

  2. Thanks for the giggle! Cute post!

  3. I'm thinking they might be really good with Rice Krispies, too! Great post... My husband told me he didn't like these cookies, never had, never will... After I took the lot to work, he's asking where they went because he wants more! *sigh* ;)

  4. I love your kitties! Yep - I think adding coconut would have enticed me to make these.

    Enjoy your week!