Sunday, December 09, 2012

Spicy Brownies



Hmmm.  I'm conflicted.  I was all set to try these spicy brownies. (even though I'm not a huge brownie fan)  If you're a brownie fan and you feel a little faint after reading this, please forgive me.  Now don't get me wrong, I will eat a brownie if offered to me.  I guess it probably stems from me never having a great deal of luck with making brownies.  They look so simple, just a square.  But to get the proper consistency takes a lot of practice and more importantly a good recipe.

A little while back I tried the Julia Child brownie recipe (Best Ever Brownies) and I was not pleased with it at all. Nor did I think they were the best ever.  I did try the Baked brownies and they were better....much better.  In fact my favourite brownie recipe to date.  But still I need practice. 

And why, why can I never seem to cut them into lovely squares???  Is there some magic cutting technique?  A special knife?  Do I need to sell part of my soul? is just so frustrating!!!!

Now that I've vented I think perhaps I should move on, as I've in no way covered my conflicted feelings.  Or confliction if you will. that even a word?  It has to exist.  It would be ridonkulous to make up a word!  I don't care, I still love it.  Though it does sound like something I need a doctor to look at.  (say Doc, can ya do anything to help me with this confliction of mine?) Okay, now I just sound old timey.

Conflicted feelings take 2:

 Well, I was reading the recipe and putting ingredients on my shopping list...namely ancho chile powder.....I mean who has ancho chile powder?? (just me?)  And then I read the Baked Note and they said the recipe can be adapted to make peanut butter brownies.  Hold the phone......peanut butter!  Now that sounds appealing.  But I do like chocolate with a little spicy kick.  But then there's peanut butter........
So you see, I'm conflicted. (but secretly leaning toward the peanut butter.  Come on!!  PEANUT BUTTER!)

Perhaps my confliction has been cured.  Erin from Starry Eyed Baker posted on Baked Sunday Mornings the brilliant idea of doing half spicy and the other half....wait for it....peanut butter!  Brilliant!  Thank you Erin. (but secretly I'm still leaning toward just peanut butter) 

First step of brownie making is getting the chocolate ready.

Do you have utensils in your kitchen that you now wonder how you ever lived without them?  That's how I feel about my chocolate breaker upper thingy. (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called)  I love it!

 I also love my 2 tablespoon measuring spoon.  It doesn't do anything fancy...just measures out 2 tablespoons at once. 

Yep, I went with peanut butter not spicy.  I think Skippy the squirrel is pleased.  I know there is a joke in there somewhere about a squirrel and his nuts....but I shan't go there. 

So there really isn't much to making brownies. Melting of chocolate, adding sugar and eggs then add the dry ingredients and into the oven. Bing Bang Boom you've got brownies. No drama least until I try to cut them into squares. 

Wake us when the brownies are ready.
Now who wants to see some perfectly cut brownies??  Well, if you go to Baked Sunday Mornings, you'll see ones that other people have made.  It's true, I haven't even cut them yet, and I'm already sensing a fail in the cutting of said brownies. 

I think it would be fine to leave them in a big square...okay more of a rectangle.  Maybe someone will want an extra large piece.  And who am I to deny anyone that? 

Cut, cut cut!!!   Fine!  I'll do it.  I won't let these brownies get the better of me!  Set your phasers to extreme profanity!

Oh my god, Becky!!  I did it!  I actually cut squares and they didn't all crumble.  Apparently the secret is to put them in the fridge to cool down and the cutting works  much better.  (am I the only one that didn't know that?)

How exciting!!  I actually have brownies that are presentable.  I'm not's just my allergies.
Oh and the brownies are good too.  Sorry, just way more excited about making them into perfect squares!  The peanut butter was a good call.  Thanks Baked boys for that tip.  I think I could learn to be a lover of the brownie.


  1. Looks great! Have you ever tried David Lebovitz's brownie recipe from "Ready for Dessert"? It's easier than Baked's and I think they last longer (I noticed the Baked version tastes completely different the second day, and not in a good way... lol). Anyways, glad it worked out! :)

  2. There are so many "best" brownie recipes out there. This is one of my favorites now - yours looks wonderful! Glad you enjoyed them

  3. I just love your post!! I also hate cutting brownies! It drives me batty. Then last month I was in a baking class and the chef said to cut brownies with a ceramic cheese knife! He cut his like butter. Perfect. I LOVE you chocolate cutter thingy..I have never seen one of those before!

    1. Thanks. :o)
      I've never heard of a ceramic knife. Will be googling that right now!

  4. Love the chocolate breaker! I never knew such a thing I need to have one! Good looking brownies!

  5. you have fancy kitchen tools... i'm jealous! congrats on the perfect looking brownies! now i want to make the peanut butter version of them! yum!

  6. So perfect! I too have a history of not being able to bake brownies, but I've never had a problem with any of the Baked brownie recipes. I loved the spicy version of these.

  7. These look great!

  8. Congratulations! My favorite recipe is from King Arthur Flour, but these are pretty darn good. I went with peanut butter, too.

  9. Great looking brownies. In fact, yours look perfect!

  10. Yours look amazing! I usually never bother cutting mine up, I just leave them in the pan and let people dish out however much they like. Or just grab a fork and eat a tidbit every time I wander into the kitchen.

  11. Nice work, Sandra! Congrats on cutting the brownies. Do you usually try to cut them warm? That may be where the problem lies. I've never had to refrigerate mine, but I definitely wait until they are completely cooled to room temperature. That's great to know about the ceramic knife-- I always wondered how people cut *perfectly*, as mine always have some ragged edges. Also, how did you get yours so tall?? They look awesome-- I just want to bite into one right now! :)

    1. I may be a little impatient waiting for brownies to cool before I cut them. (maybe) But I really did find putting them in the fridge worked the best. My next trip to the kitchen store, I am going to ask about a ceramic knife.
      I did absolutely nothing to get them tall...nothing but pray! :o)

  12. Love your kitchen gadgets, especially the 2 tablespoon measurer. And congrats on cutting the brownies. I have to tell you that I too thought the Best Ever Brownies were less than "best" when I tried them after baking. However, I took my batch out of the freezer this past weekend and after defrosting, tried them again, and OMG were they fabulous. They were chewy and deeply chocolatey, so much better than Pillsbury (my favorite - from a box). The freezing did something to them that made such an improvement.