Sunday, November 11, 2012

What a!

Everything about this bar sounds yummy.  Who wouldn't love caramel and coconut together. (okay, other than those who neither like coconut nor caramel)  But I won't believe there are such people in my life.  Nope.

It is almost like a cookie on top of a cookie.  It starts with a shortbread base (that in itself would be good enough)  But then we add caramel (again, we could stop here and it would be awesome)  But wait, there's more.  Coconut!  (did you hear that?  Angels singing)  And in case that wasn't enough (and apparently it wasn't) the Baked boys then added chocolate.  Eeeeee!!!

I haven't even made them yet, and I am already in cookie heaven.

The smell of coconut is filling the house.  Lovely.  I could stop here and I'd be happy just with the smell of the coconut.  Cha! Right!
Moving on to the shortbread base of this cookie now.  Shortbread is another simple thing to make (much like pie dough....oh...sigh)
Well it looks good.  And you know what they say, 'better to look good than to taste good'.  No wait, that's not it.

Moving on again.  We're walking.....we're walking.....straight to the caramel layer.  Oh dang.
Caramel.  It thinks it's so good....oh don't stir me, I'm caramel.  Come on!  How am I not supposed to stir you???  Ack!  On a positive note while the caramel was doing its thing I also had to warm up the cream and condensed milk. (and it didn't mind being stirred at all)  Mmmm Hmmm. 

Now I'm not the worrying type, but if I were, I'd be a little concerned at how freaking long it is taking for the caramel to get up to 240-250 degrees again.  Okay, I can't wait any longer.  It is now just at 240...enough.  It seems okay, so I'm not going to fret.  The coconut got stirred in nice and the layer went onto the shortbread base.  And I remembered to save a cup of the coconut for the next layer.  (and there was much rejoicing)

Could I get a clean up in the kitchen?    Welcome to the sticky goodness that is known as caramel and coconut.

After the coconut layer I just had to decide on how to coat the squares in chocolate.  Oh, speaking of squares (no, I'm not going to out anyone in my blog for being a already know who you are....let's pause for an awkward square moment--I'm looking at your caramel).

Anyhoo, I was a little worried about cutting the squares because of the layers.  But I was able to make then into pretty tidy squares.  I think  the caramel on top helped the shortbread base stay together.  
So I decided on dipping the bottoms in the chocolate and then drizzling the rest of the chocolate over the top.  Good idea in theory, but the chocolate coating on the bottom gets all melty.....not a mess free eating experience. 

Naked Bars

Chocolate coated Bars

I think the bars turned out really well.  They are a very sweet bar no denying that. (and I'm not just saying that because three people told me so) 
Oh and as a public service announcement: Do not try to eat these straight out of the refrigerator.  That caramel gets hard!!!  These babies need to be left on the counter for a bit to let the caramel soften up.   Your teeth will thank you. 



  1. I thought they were a little too sweet as well when I made them, and was thinking maybe more shortbread and less (just a little less) caramel might be the answer. It's such a cool idea to dip the cookie base into the chocolate! Looks very nice. :)

  2. We loved these! The flavor combination and texture were amazing. I'm adding them to my Christmas line-up.

  3. Another hilarious post! I feel like I'm in your head as I read this. :) Your bars look great! Yes, the caramel gets crazy hard-- it's good that you took it off the heat at 240F, trust me.

    I know what you mean-- I wouldn't know how to relate to people who don't like caramel or coconut. What would you talk about?? LOL

  4. Cute post! Your bars look wonderful!

  5. I incredible combo of ingredients! Pretty bars!

  6. I liked these too, and you were so smart to pull your caramel off early.

  7. I do love the smell of toasted coconut. These look great!

  8. Super cute and funny post - lovely bars! Glad you had success in your crust not falling apart like mine!

  9. I was wondering about these bars, they look good in your photos and sounds like most everybody enjoyed them;-)