Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just for Grits and Giggles

Like it would be possible for me to do anything Grit related without first including the all famous quote from the TV series, Alice.  Flo said this a lot!

 "Mel, Kiss mah Grits!"    (just between you and me, I don't think she was referring to actual grits)

All right, it is out of my system.  I can move on now.  No, it isn't.  But I'll try to keep it inside.  Flo's voice is now stuck in my head. 
I have never had nor made grits before.  I am assuming grits is another word for cornmeal.  But will google that (or Bing it).  Surely Wikipedia wouldn't lie.  Okay, so grits, cornmeal and polenta seem to be the same thing....just different grinds.  (grits have a courser grind)  It will be interesting to see if I can find Grits in the grocery store.  (I think Grits might be more of an American thing)  But I could see a company like Bob's Red Mill having such a product in the grocery stores here. (or the health food stores) 
Okay, these grits almost didn't happen.   But after going to three stores I finally found some grits.  They only had one type, Hominy Grits, so I hope they will do for the recipe. 
There is a whole lotta cheese in these grits.  Sounds good, especially if it then needs to be baked.  Kind of like a baked pasta I guess. 
Hold the phone....the Baked boys say Grits is a breakfast thing.  Back to the Google!  Sorry, in my mind I had this image of eating these for dinner.  And google says that's okay....grits can be eaten at any time of the day.  All hail the Google. 
Nothing can be bad with this much cheese!! 

And the cheese has received Kitten Approval.  (whew)

Well, I thought I was going to have a little helper in the kitchen, but it turns out FE9 news is on and my kittens love to be up to date on their news.  If you need a good giggle or have cats that like to watch some good shows, try this link.  These are some funny cats!  I love the grilled cheese episode. 

Sorry girls, I gotta get back to mah grits.
'The grits will be really thick', is a total understatement, Baked boys!  Holy Hannah these grits are thick!

I'm getting a good workout stirring.  Good thing I didn't go to the gym today....would have been too tired to stir mah grits. (yes, that is the story I'm sticking with)  Good day to you.
Hey look....cheese.
The grits are looking better and better all the time.  Cheese makes everything pretty.

And now out of the oven all bubbly and warm.


We decided to have the grits with dinner.  I couldn't wait for breakfast.(but am totally thinking of having the leftover grits for breakfast now)  
I thought the grits went great with our leftover Saag Gosht.  I will definitely be making these again.  I have come to understand the comfort food goodness that are grits.

This grit just got real.  (and my hubbie thought I was being corny using the quote from Alice)  What 'til he reads that line! 
Honey, are those tears of joy....tears of joy for marrying me? 
Remember your promised to Grit and Bear me....or something like that.
Honey? Hon? 


  1. Looks great. Do you wonder how big their servings are if they think this enough for four!? I had a cup and was done for the day. And really, cheese does make every think pretty.

  2. First, your grits look fabulous. I love the little casserole dishes!

    It's funny reading how so many bakers had trouble finding grits or never having had them before. This was my first time making them, but they are everywhere here in the South and the ones I bought where just made down the street.

  3. Love the little cocottes...I have always wanted to get some of those! Your grits look fabulous, great job. :)

  4. I'm glad you were able to find grits - yours look like cheesy perfection. My dog always wants to "help" when I make things with cheese. She lucked out and got some crumbles.

  5. Great looking cheesy grits!

  6. I am still laughing!! Love how clever you it! And the grits weren't bad either.

  7. You always me giggle, Sandra! :) First of all, the grits look great. I wonder why they were so hard to find-- are you in Canada? Hominy grits are more of a Native American thing, from what I read. Like you, this was my first foray into the world of grits, and I'm so glad we both took the plunge-- we've been missing out! Also, I like your reasoning for skipping the gym-- I mean, how tragic for you to risk not being able to stir the grits, right? I call that good planning... ;-) Finally, I couldn't agree more that cheese makes everything pretty!!

    1. I am in Canada. And grits is not something you see much of here. I looked on line and saw that Bob's red mill had them, but none of my grocery stores actually carried it. For sure the next time I'm in New York State, I'm going to be looking for grits!!

  8. I remember Alice and Flo saying "Kiss My Grits" :-) Love your individual servings.

  9. Very funny post and I love the individual covered dishes you "baked" the grits in!

    1. Thanks, I loved the dishes when I saw them on sale. At the time I had no idea what I'd use them for, but then we made these grits and eureka!! :o)

  10. Total comfort in a pot. The more cheese, the merrier, I always say, too. ;)

  11. Bubbly and warm, that says it all, wow, these grits look good!!!

  12. I knew these couldn't be bad with all of the CHEESE in them as well... Now I am craving them when I never would have before!