Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baking with Julia-Best Ever Brownies

Best Ever?

Let me start by saying that I am not a huge Brownie fan. <gasp>  I don't hate them.  (who could hate anything with chocolate?)  I'd say they just aren't my go to dessert treat. 

I did try the Best Ever Brownies by Baked and I did like those.
But those Baked Boys can do no wrong in my eyes.

So these ones will have to live up to the Baked ones.  I haven't even started baking yet, but I'm already having my doubts about them.

I find it really hard to gauge when a brownie is done.  They are so easy to under or over bake.    (of course my thing is overbaking so generally no worries about underbaking)

Gosh, I am feeling like a regular Negative Nelly going into this baking session.   Hope all this negativity doesn't transfer over to my kitchen. 

Looking at the recipe, I was worried about it not being chocolatey enough.  The last brownies I made had a lot of chocolate in them, including dark cocoa powder. 
I was tempted to change this recipe around and add more chocolate and cocoa powder but then I remembered that  I'm not someone who plays with recipes before I've even tried it.  Don't know what came over me!
So I'm sticking with the original recipe as is. 


Chop the Chocolate....

Add the butter.....

Turn on some heat and make it all melty good...

Fairly simple recipe.  Though I have to admit I was a little confused by the instructions regarding the eggs and sugar.  But I think I got it right.  The brownies look good going into the oven.  I have high hopes for these, after all the negative nelly stuff earlier on.

I have baked them for the full 28 minutes plus a few more minutes as I used an 8 inch pan rather than a 9 inch.  (now I'm not saying size matters....it just changes things) 
The middle feels giggly.  But the instructions do say the brownies will be perfect if they're just barely set and still pretty gooey.  Okay, well I'd say I've reached that point with these brownies.  Will leave them to cool for a bit and then have a look.


So the brownies have now been cooling on a rack.  And they still seem pretty gooey.  It was difficult to get a clean cut brownie.  Putting them in the fridge has helped to firm everything up but it still isn't the same as other brownies I've had.   I guess I'm more of an advocate for the cakey brownie.  Perhaps if I had baked it for longer.  Ah well.....truth be told it did taste good. 
Would I try this recipe again?  Maybe, but I've so many other brownie recipies to try and one that I already love.


  1. Sandra, your brownies do look so wonderfully chocolaty and you used the delicious Scharffen Berger chocolate (which I only tasted once but really liked) that fudgy or not, they must have still tasted pretty terrific!

  2. I'm not a big brownie fan either, and I can't say that these won me over. The complicated recipe didn't help much! But they are pretty tasty, though I'm starting to think maybe mine got overcooked after all. Even gooey yours look pretty good though!

  3. Love the gooey and melty look... I'd take a plate of these in a heartbeat! :)

  4. The Baked Brownie is one of my top brownie recipes. I think these probably need to be baked just a tad long for an 8-inch pan, but I am sure they were pretty good gooey or not. They look pretty good with that ice cream!

  5. I actually baked mine longer because I didn’t want them to be too runny….even though they look yummy! I prefer a bit more solid brownie. Bet they were delicious with that ice cream…a perfect looking dessert!

  6. I baked mine as mini-brownie bites and they turned out great! I highly recommend it. They fully bake and the taste it awesome. Blessings, Catherine www.praycookblog.com

    1. That's a great idea to make them mini. They would certainly bake up fast.

  7. i am quite sure, these must be the best ever!!!
    thank you!
    it's always a pleasure to visit your blog...it makes me so hungry!!!

  8. I don't think I mentioned this in my blog post, but I had to let the brownies "cool" overnight before I got even the semblance of a clean cut. I'm thinking longer baking time for me.

    1. Yes, if I try them again I am putting in fridge before I even try to cut. You had perfectly cut brownies. (I tried leaving a comment on you post on Tuesday, but my computer kept erroring out--think our work server was blocking me)

  9. Awesome spatula :-)

    I 100% agree with serving these with ice cream...

  10. Love the picture of Nelly AND your spatula! These do look pretty gooey, yours look like Chocolate Pudding Cake - which is never a bad thing!

  11. Mine were really fudgy in the middle and i baked them an extra 10 minutes. But they were good....so will probably be my go-to for a while.

    LOVE the spatula!!

  12. I love your post, and funny pictures!!
    your brownies don't look too bad, so gooey, with ice-cream I'm sure it must be delicious!!!

  13. I have had nothing but success when it comes to the Baked boys. Love their Baked Explorations book. I was very tempted to add espresso powder to these but held off. I do wish they had a deeper chocolate flavor. They were good - just not best ever in my book.

  14. I'm all smiles reading your post...enjoy the humor you inject in your writing...the gooey chocolateyness with the side of ice cream is calling me... :D


  15. I'm more of a chewy brownie lover than a fudgy. And yeah, I agree, there are so many other brownie recipes to try out. I'm sure we will find our "best ever" some day or maybe our preference will change and go back to this recipe. Maybe when I'm older and have no teeth from eating sugary yummy sweets, I'll come back to this one.