Sunday, November 25, 2012

Almond Joy?

I was tempted to forgo this week's recipe.  I love pumpkin....anything pumpkin.  But the almond cake didn't sound appealing to me.  I'm not even sure why.  I eat almonds almost daily as a "good for you" snack at work. (natural and unsalted of course)  But for some reason, anything other than these almonds (that I eat daily), make me think of marzipan.  And I guess marzipan isn't a favourite thing for me.  Honestly, I don't even remember the last time I had anything that was a marzipan.  Perpaps it is a childhood turnip.  (which I will now eat...but not right now...the stars have to be perfectly aligned and other things....)  So perhaps I should give this Pumpkin Almond Cake a chance. 

Almond flour?  What the?  Does this even exist?  And I'm pretty sure if I didn't make my own Peanut Butter, I am not going to make my own almond flour. 
Silly Baked Boys. 

First off, I did find almond flour.  (I'm apologize for ever doubting the Baked Boys.)  Correction, I saw almond flour but didn't actually buy it.  Well.....I was in shock to see it........and I forgot this recipe was up next on our weekly baking challenge.  D'oeth.  No big whoop...there's nothing I like more than going out a gazillion times to pick up grocery items......meow! (somebody needs a timeout)

The smell of all the spices has made everything better.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger oh my!  They are a perfect complement to the pumpkin puree. 

Mmm Pumpkin.  Have I mentioned I love pumpkin?  I love it sooooo much.  And not just the taste of  I love the whole pumpkin.  Love the looks and the colour and the association with halloween. 
Did the Great Pumpkin show up in your pumpkin patch this year?  No?  Mine neither.  Sigh.

Through the magic of blogging (and yes, it is magic...just like the Great Pumpkin) the cake has been mixed and put in a tin.  (and I'm hoping through magic, the bowls, mixer, measuring cups and utensils will be cleaned) 

Can we use magic to bake it now??  Can we? Can we? 

Yes.  Yes we can.


What we have here is a baked cake.  Yes, yes we do.  It seems good.  Pumpkin and spice...that's nice.
 It was all going so well.  This cake would have been perfect if I had stopped here.  But I didn't.  I went ahead with the frosting.  My apologies to marzipan.  It is really almond butter that causes me grief.  How is that possible?  I love almonds and I love peanut butter.  How is it that almond butter can taste so appauling to me?  I don't understand it.  But still I went ahead with making the frosting.....and frosting the cake with it. 
Wait, I feel like the cake is missing something....more shadow?  (sorry about the was late)

A candy pumpkin...perfect.  (well other than that almond butter frosting...oh and the shadow)


Hey Mikey, she kinda almost likes it! 

Kinda almost liked it.  That kinda almost sums up my feelings on this cake.  Maybe a cream cheese frosting would have made it better (for me).  Let us never speak of almond butter again.  <shiver>


  1. Sorry you didn't like the frosting. I think that was my favorite part! Almond butter is one of those things that you either love or hate. Your cake looks cute with the little pumpkin.

  2. Excellent job on the cake - it looks so pretty. I love the Great Pumpkin reference! I loved the frosting. I guess Elaine must be right about it being a love/hate item.

  3. Your cake looks so pretty! While I liked the frosting, I think a cream cheese frosting would be delicious here too!

  4. Good pics, love the lil pumpkin!

  5. Beautifully decorated. I'm with you on almond butter. I like the idea of cream cheese frosting!

  6. Well, we did love the almond butter frosting, but I see it is getting mixed reviews. Cream cheese frosting would be great too.
    And...loved your post, a fun read. Your cake does look lovely.

  7. Loved your post! I was excited to try the frosting, but don't think I'd make it again unless I modified it. I was thinking maybe half cream cheese/half almond butter might be nice. Your cake looks delicious.

  8. I feel EXACTLY the same way about almond products! I have no problem with actual almonds, but extract, marzipan, or anything of the sort are downright revolting... Hence, I skipped this cake and made another pumpkin-related recipe instead. Good for you for trying it anyway! I love your last line: "Let us never speak of almond butter again. " :)

  9. Sorry this wasn't your favorite but it looks great!

  10. Your cake looks gorgeous, even if it didn't turn out to be a winner. I don't like marzipan much either.