Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumped up Scones


Seriously???  All that in one scone?  Is this legal?  Will I judge all other scones that have fewer than 3 main ingredients as lacking?  (btw, no problem being that judgemental...just sayin')  I'm looking at you dainty scone! 

I feel like the stars are aligned and all is right in the world.  Why you ask?  Well, it isn't often that I start a recipe and actually have all the ingredients...but today is one of those days.....the fridge and pantry have all the required ingredients. (and there was much rejoicing)  Okay, I didn't have crunchy peanut butter, but I did have smooth.  (close enough)  And I didn't make my own peanut butter as the recipe suggested.  But I just couldn't picture me shelling a bag of peanuts when picking up a jar of peanut butter is so easy.  (perhaps one day I'll try to make my own)

I can barely wait for them to emerge from the oven.  Amazing how 20 minutes can feel like an eternity.  But I'm pretty sure my staring at them will speed things along.  (or make them really uncomfortable) 

So let's look at some pictures of the scones in the making to take my mind off the waiting.  (ohhh, ahhh)

Addition of butter to dry ingredients.

Chocolate Chips at the ready.

One huge scone?


 Cut into 8 scones, sprinkled with raw sugar and ready for oven.

I am feeling a bit concerned though....I've had them in the oven for the recommended time and they are still not done.  Have I made them too thick?  I swear they seemed to be the right size (as per the recipe)....this is not a size issue.....there will be no size debate.
I've lost track, but I think I've now had them in for an extra 10 minutes.

Okay, I think they're done now.
And I have to say, they are looking good. Guess we'll just have to wait for them to cool down a bit before we can properly judge these behemoth scones. 
Please note, this is actually 8 scones together....not one big scone.  (sorry)

I love, love, love scones fresh from the oven with a bit of butter and marmalade. Mmm. Marmalade is my go to spread. Jams and jellies are a close second or more specifically, what I turn to when there is no marmalade. Or if I'm in a more savoury kind of mood and don't have a sweet scone, I go for cheese...even dare I say it..... Cheez Whiz. Yes, I admit it....I like Cheese Whiz!
I don't know that these scones will need anything other than a pat of butter though. Oh who am I kidding; marmalade will be at the ready!! Carbohydrates unite (just not on the hips, okay?).

No marmalade or anything needed for these lovely, crazy big scones!  They are yummy.  (final judgement)

But wait...... 3/4 of a stick of butter??....not 3/4 as in 1/4+1/4+1/4....seriously how do I manage to miss the 3 ounces of butter and then the 3/4 stick in brackets and just go with my version?  I blame those cute little 1/4 cup sticks of butter....they are just so darn cute. 
Yet the scones still turned out.  Oh and I added the whole egg rather than separate it. (and had to crack another egg to get the egg white for the wash)  Perhaps I need a prep team to get all my ingredients ready for me.  Or even more the recipe thoroughly before I start.  Sigh.

Okay, so I'm making another batch.  All is good.  The scones have just come out of the oven.  They look and smell wonderful. 
I will definitely make these again. (and not just because I can't read a recipe)  :o)


  1. I bet we all get super excited about a recipe and leave out something from time to time (at least I do)! Glad they still turned out so well!

  2. Hail to Cheeze Whiz! These look great - especially all your prep photos! I've never seen those 3/4 blocks of butter - maybe that's a good thing! Well done!

  3. Cute post! I am glad you had everything (I love that when that happens!) and that they turned out with leaving some of the ingredients out which happens to me so very often. Perfect with a cup of coffee!

  4. Very nice - I love your tea tray & cup! It's just perfect.

  5. Funny post! I was a little annoyed with having to separate the egg and considered just dumping the whole thing in and am glad to hear it works fine.

  6. Yours look great. I love when I can bake something delicious and I already have everything I need!

  7. I wonder if mine might have been better with more butter!

  8. I love your post. Wait, you used 3/4 cup of butter? I think it was a subconscious "mistake". Deep down you knew they'd be better with that much butter!

    1. Heehee. I swear it is those cute little 1/4 cup sticks of butter from Land of Lakes!! :o)

  9. I just love the look of that one giant scone- it looks so tempting! And these scones were delicious-I'm making another batch too;-)

    1. I gave my whole second batch of scones to two friends to try. (they are my unofficial taste testers!)
      But was thinking of even making another batch, as they are such great things to have in the freezer. Plus then I can use up my buttermilk!

  10. Love your style, and more butter is always the way to go :)

  11. Mine weren't done at the twenty-minute mark either and it was hard to wait an extra few minutes, but they definitely weren't done. I can't wait to make these again!