Sunday, October 07, 2012

Home Run with a Bundt??

I have been looking forward to joining the weekly challenge with Baked Sunday Mornings and have finally started.  And what luck, I'm starting with a recipe that really intrigued me.

I've never made a bundt cake, but had two new bundt pans waiting in the dugout for just such an occasion.  (not sure why I bought two....not like I'd be making a layered bundt cake!!)

With the ingredients at the ready I was all set to go.

I was a little anxious about making the burnt sugar liquid, as I've never made caramel before.  But I think it turned out the way it was supposed least it smelled yummy. :o)  I was surprised by the addition of coconut milk; wasn't expecting that at all.

The cake batter came together nicely.  Though I wasn't sure if it should seem so thick.  Was different than other cake batters that I've made.

But it baked up nicely...though it did take at least 10 more minutes than the time suggested in the recipe.  I decided to use the regular oven, rather than convection so I'm not sure if that made a difference.  And thankfully it came out of the bundt pan perfectly. (whew)  Now I just have to be patient and let it cool completely before I try frosting it.

I decided to go ahead and make the caramel shards, as I thought I should do the complete recipe.  Shards are waiting to finish off the cake.  (I think maybe I made the shards to small)

Now on to the frosting.  This tasted good, but I never seem to get the thickness that the Baked boys got with their frosting.  I ended up adding more icing sugar to it (probably 3 cups total) as it was way too thin with only 2 1/3 cups. 
Even with the extra icing sugar, it still didn't look thick and when I put it on the cake it ran down the sides of the cake....which I don't mind, but I was trying to make it look like the photo in the book. (not so much luck with with)

  Well was it a home run?  The officials (hubbie and I) are calling it a double.  The frosting was good.  But the cake was overdone. (totally a baker issue)  I think I am always a little anxious about underbaking a cake....which ends in an overdone cake.  Sigh.  I will give it a go again though, as I do like the idea of a bundt cake.


  1. wow! your cake is gorgeous! love the way the frosting pooled at the bottom! look delish :)

  2. Welcome to the group! Your cake is beautiful!

  3. Welcome! You cake looks scrumptious - and your enthusiasm for baking in your blog is infectious! I'd say you hit a home run with it. And don't worry about the frosting - we all had issues with it for the most part, so you're in good company. I added about 4 cups powdered sugar total... it ended up too sweet, and STILL runny. Just an odd recipe. Luckily, the cake tastes great and may be just as good if not better without the frosting. So glad you've joined us!

  4. Welcome, I'm looking forward to baking with you!

    I think your cake looks really nice, the frosting is shiny and smooth and I really want to take a bite. :)

  5. Welcome to the group! I just joined last week. Your cake looks fabulous, I love the big caramel shards.

  6. Just beautiful! Happy to have you! I forgot to mention that I had to bake the cake longer, too.

  7. Thank you all. And I did bake a second cake too. It came out sooooo much better. But this time, I didn't overbake it. And yes, it is a good cake. The flavour was so much better when it was baked properly. Oh and I took Susan's comment about not icing and just using the second half of the burnt sugar liquid to glaze it. It worked really well. (though I didn't use it all)
    So glad I tried it again. And am so happy that I am part of this group. :o)

  8. Beautiful cake! I had to bake mine 10-15 minutes longer, too.

  9. Hi, welcome to the group! Your cake looks beautiful! I laughed at your comment about making a layered bundt cake :) Looks like everyone experienced the same issues and I'm glad to see that we can learn from each other for the next time we bake this cake.

  10. Great post, welcome to the group!