Sunday, October 08, 2017

Banana Cupcakes with Vanilla Pastry Cream

Cupcakes: Muffins naughty cousins

Banana Cupcakes are on the Baked Sunday Morning's schedule today. I didn't waste any time getting started on these. Luckily, it was another easy recipe. Whew! It is nice being able to ease back into this baking and blogging. (no need to look ahead and see that an apple pie is due up next) 😟

I think without the pastry cream these are just muffins. Right? If you don't look at the sugar content. 😏 And they really are good without the pastry cream. I was tempted to just stop here and not make the pastry cream because I really liked the cupcakes naked. Plus, I don't think I've ever made pastry cream.

Rather than making a full recipe of the pastry cream I decided to go with a half portion. And I am so glad I just did a half recipe. This didn't turn out the way I thought it should have at all. But I put it in the fridge to chill, and hoped for the best.

The pastry cream seemed to loose, even after chilling in the fridge. But it is tasty, in a vanilla pudding kind of way. It just doesn't work so well as a 'frosting' on these cupcakes. It is just slipping away.

After some time on the interwebs, I found this video of Anna Olson making Pastry Cream. I decided to try it again, following her tutorial. It turned out much better, but still seems sort of strange to put on a cupcake instead of frosting. It is essentially pudding, not frosting.

This 2nd version of the pastry cream was definitely better for 'frosting' the cupcakes once it was chilled for a little while. Now if only I could actually decorate a cupcake. 🙈

But...I kinda sorta wanna fill the cupcakes with the Pastry Cream and then put a chocolate glaze over the cupcake, and call it a Boston cream cupcake.

So I did it.😀 Cupcakes have been filled with that pastry cream and glazed with chocolate. Mmm Hmm. It's no longer a kinda sorta wanna thang. Yup, this is the way to do it! Final version of my cupcakes and the winner.

I really, really liked these cupcakes! I enjoyed them with and without frosting. I think if I made them again, I might try a chocolate or peanut butter frosting. (but a real frosting, not a pastry cream)
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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Loafing Around

This all feels a little strange and unfamiliar (writing this blog post). It has been a long time since I've baked and blogged with the Baked Sunday Morning group. I am still in shock, that I've missed all but the first few recipes of the Baked Occasions book. It was so exciting to be part of the group doing the recipe testing for that book. But that too seems like a long time ago.  I haven't been doing very much baking in the last couple of years. Well, unless it is something really simple, like a loaf or muffins (read: involves one bowl). Now that the group is done baking all the recipes from Baked Occasions, they have moved on (or should I say back) to the very first cookbook: Baked New Frontiers in Baking. It's my favourite of the four cookbooks from the Baked boys. Visually, it is beautiful. I love the colours and the clean look of the book. I've baked a few of the recipes from it, and I am looking forward to baking along with the group. 

"M" is for Migraine

This was a perfect recipe to start baking with the group again. I needed an easy one to build up my confidence. Of course my migraine brain is also thankful for an easy recipe today. And it will be even more thankful when the drugs start kicking in. 😵

I love Pumpkin. Well, I love pumpkin with cinnamon.
This is my favourite cinnamon, so fragrant and flavourful.
The recipe also calls for nutmeg, allspice and ginger. The ginger is optional, but I love ginger, so I've included it.

And because I love ginger, I've also included some chopped up candied ginger. Thought it might add a nice little bite to the loaf.

So I am pretty darn impressed with myself, for not forgetting anything (ingredients or steps) during my bake. Even on my good days, I've been known to forget stuff. And with this mushy migraine brain, well (slow hand class) bravo me!
Plus, I just want to point out (and I am sure I will not be the only one to bring this up, but there is no water in the ingredient's list but down in the directions it says to add water! What the deuce?!

The loaves have been put into the oven. And while they bake I am going to chill. Ice packs are a fine and good thing.

These loaves baked up beautifully. So moist and flavourful. Definitely a loaf fit for the Fall. It is still summer here for some reason. But I wouldn't kick this loaf out of my air conditioned house. 😁
I only made one change with the ingredients (well other than adding the candied ginger), and that was to the oil. Rather than using vegetable oil, I decided to use olive oil. I have been using olive oil in some of my baking and have liked it.

Now if only I remembered to take a pic of these loaves sliced. (One is in the freezer.) Oh well. I got through my first bake in a while, with a migraine. (woot woot!) Of course I almost missed posting this, as I was sure it was due next Sunday. 
I can't wait to see how the rest of the group liked this loaf.
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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Hair of the Dog Cake

Triple Shot

If ye be feeling rough, get thee into the kitchen and make this cake.  Yarr!  Hair of the Dog cake.  Interesting.  In the book, the Baked boys say this cake is also known as Rum Flavoured Hot Milk Cake with Broiled Rum Brown Sugar Frosting.  They had me at the first 'rum'.  I think the former, rather than the latter is an easier name.  But the latter name makes me want to make this cake right now.  I mean right freakin' now!  There's rum in it!!!  Rum!  Rum!  Redrum!  No, none of that...only rum.

So when I saw that the next recipe was a cake, I panicked a smidge.  For me, a Baked cake means layers and well, I still get anxious making layer cakes.  But wait, this cake is only one layer.  Panic receding....

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wintermint Cake

Merry Cake-mis


This cake was not a miss at all!  Wow!  Such a beauty.  In the book Baked Occasions it looks stunning (shown here), all in shades of pink.  
Pic from Baked Occasions

I would dare say it looks too beautiful to eat.  But come on!  It's a cake!  And a Baked cake at that?  So it's going to be good!  And it would be terribly rude to not have a piece.  Do NOT embarrass me in front of company!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Date Squares

Square Dates

I have eaten many a date square, as they seem to be what every grandma/aunt/mother made in my youth.  But I have never made date squares.  And that folks is as interesting as this post is going to be.  Hit the snooze button as often as needed, to get through this.  Just be comforted in the fact, that it does come to an end (one assumes).

This is a super easy recipe.  Perhaps that is why these squares are made so often for bake sales.  Also, it is an inexpensive dessert to make.  And chances are, you have all the ingredients needed for this recipe in your pantry, apart from the dates.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Campfire Cookies

 No Camping Required

What the devil is a campfire cookie?  Well, I'm glad you asked. (Just play along this is going somewhere good.)  Why a campfire cookie is a whole lotta s'mores and a little bit more. (OMG, I just wrote a slogan.)  Nailed it.  

So this is my apron of choice for today's baking adventure.  And I may or may not have told hubbie to get out of the kitchen house (spoiler--I totally did).  What?  If you love something or someone, you're supposed to set it/him free (in hopes that he comes back with a doughnut from Suzy Q doughnuts.)  What?  That's the way the saying goes.  I couldn't make something like that up!  Oh and he can pick himself up something too.  (Yup, selfless I is.)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

S'more Style Chocolate Whiskey Pudding

S'more please

I wasn't sure if I'd have time to make this recipe (our last recipe from Baked Elements).  But I pulled up my big girl pants and got in the kitchen.  Luckily this is another easy recipe.  I don't make pudding very much so hopefully it turns out!  Of course seeing Mark's instagram pic of his finished pudding product got me in the mood.  Yeah, I'm totally in a pudding mood.  It's a mood people!  My mood ring often turns to pudding.  What?  Why would I lie about something as sacred as my mood ring?